Thursday, 26 September 2013

Review: Swisspers Spa Cleansing Wipes (with pomegranate extract)

So I'm not usually a huge fan of cleansing wipes, they take ages to clean eye makeup off and for some reason they often make my skin hurt even though my skin is not really sensitive at all so it's quite odd. That said they are useful, for getting the foundations of makeup off when you're in a hurry and as a blogger are quite useful for removing swatches from taking photos. When I saw these pop up at Priceline i was quite tempted, they looked really cute and a bit more interesting then the usual wipes. These come in a variety of colors and "scents". I picked up the pink ones which are marked as having  "pomegranate extract".

I mentioned earlier that makeup wipes usually hurt my face and i was very happy to find that these did not, they smell quite sweet and faintly fruity but not really acidic or strong smelling. Just a sweet and pleasantly soft scent that you smell when you use it. I can't comment on if they actually smell like pomegranates as I am not really familiar enough with the scent to judge.

Overall these are a little more fun then regular white wipes although the lack of texture means it takes a while to clean the entire face of makeup and it has a bit of trouble with eye makeup, but not more or less then any other ones i have used, also available in "white tea extract"and "mango extract", for $6.29


  1. I havent seen these in my local Priceline yet but they do look much more fun with the coloured wipes. I also agree, I only use face wipes on my face and use eye makeup remover on my eyes, I find wipes can sometimes be too harsh on the eye, yet not removing all of the makeup at the same time

    1. It can be pretty frustrating especially when your tired and just want to go to bed :)