Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review: Possibly Fake MAC Eyeshadows: Carbon, Sable, Shroom & Passion

If you saw my last post then you saw that i picked these up at Uni from a  supposed "auction seizure" and while thinking it was probably all a load of bull decided to try some stuff anyway as despite all that it seemed like pretty high quality stuff. i picked up Shroom and Sable as i had heard a lot about them before and was interested to see how they performed. Carbon was somewhat of a test purchase as i had seen numerous reviews saying that it was in fact a pretty terrible black eyeshadow and i thought this would help me judge the honesty of these shadows. Lastly passion was a cute pink and i wanted a more exciting color to try as well.

Packaging seems pretty legit to me from what i can tell with my very limited experience.

The color pay off on the first three is amazing and like it should Carbon is a bit fail, so either these are very good dupes, after i depotted my own mac shadows (ones bought at MAC counters that is) i was able to see that the authentic MAC pans are more rounded then these were. However quality speaks for itself and Fake Sable, Shroom and Passion all have good pigmentation and blend very easily and do not irritate my eyes, They do seem a bit softer though then the real MAC shadows i have (amberlights, star violet and wedge)

I'm happy with these and will continue to use them, but probably won't be going to get more when the seller reapears. The whole thing was an interesting experience and i will know in the future what sort fo things to look out for when it comes to fake products. However, just because their fake doesn't mean their bad.

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