Friday, 13 September 2013

BB Cream Comparison

Today we are comparing 4 BB creams, 3 o which are available in Australia plus an Asian style BB cream, the contenders are:

Each of the four have fairly similar "spouts" for getting the product out, with the Ponds and Garnier having a more elongated tube which in terms of the Ponds makes it easy to control product but it little more then a drip top in term of the Garnier as it's consistency is far more liquid. The Watsons is thick and creamy simmiliar to the Ponds where as the Revlon lies somewhere in between. All have squeezable cases so you should be able to get the last of the product out.

In the above photo you can quite easily see the diffrence between the texture and color of each, with the Garnier being the thinnest and the most yellow toned, followed by the Revlon, Ponds and finally the Watsons which simmiliar to other Asian bb's has a ashy cast to it which does not show up on the face.
The Watson is the thickest and takes a little muscle to blend where s the others all blend very easily though the ponds needs a bit of extra product.

For me the Ponds is the closest match in terms of color as it has pink cool undertones, as does the Watsons while both the other two have yellow undertones. The more liquid creams blend easier with the Watsons being the most difficult, although the Garnier can be a bit hard to control how much product you get from the case.

You can see the Ponds and Watsons basically appearer and blend perfectly into my skin while the other two leave a yellow toned cast which can be covered with powder or some more blending.

(see black paper test at labmuffin's blog)

Putting some of the bb on black card shows you a good gage on how pigmented each of the  bb creams in, it's a little surprising as i was sure the Revlon would be the thinest of all but it seems that the Garnier is the sheerest of them all. The Ponds and Watsons are quite similar although the Ponds is a tad more pigmented.The Garnier gets almost entirely absorbed.
Overall i think the  Ponds is the winner, in terms of other benefits however the Revlon probably wins due to it's SPF 30, while Ponds only has 15, it does however also have a slight brightening effect. The Garnier wins are controlling oil while the Watsons seems to have no such benefits, although it's called Collagen BB I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to do about the collagen? 

When it comes to packaging i like the consistency thicker and for it to not spill out. When it came to scent i did not fund any to particularly strong, the Watsons smelled vaguely creamy and the Ponds a little sweet but it wouldn't effect my decision to buy. 

What is your go to BB?


  1. I really love Maybelline's dream pure bb cream. It is my absolute favourite bb cream of all time :)Great post, cheers!

    1. Yeah I'm actually trying that one out this week, like everyone else i picked it up at the Maybelline sale :)

    2. Hahaha, yep! That Maybelline sale really suckered me into buying a lot of stuff I didn't need. Oups :)Hope you've had a good weekend!