Thursday, 19 September 2013

Possibly Fake MAC & LUSH Haul

A few days ago i was sitting at home (playing Skyrim if you must know) when my partner calls me from Uni to tell me that there is a stall there selling a huge load of MAC stuff that had been seized at auction. I was pretty skeptical but at the prices they were offering, even if it is fake it was still cheaper then buying similar products at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse so i decided to had down and pick up some stuff. When i got there and questioned the sellers it seemed to pretty legit from what i could glean and from what i can tell it seems authentic enough - sized are correct, labels match other MAC products i already had, everything seems to be of an exceptionally high quality including the brushes which are the only items that i would question the authenticity of. Either way though i got some stuff and I'm really happy with everything i got. But i bet you want to know just exactly what it is that i got? Well I'll show you.

MAC Eyeshadow Refills : Sable, Shroom, Passion and Carbon

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in B01 Light

MAC Brushes in 187, 194 and 266
(If these are fake, which the handle on the 187 makes me think they are, they are still freakin' amazing and so incredibly soft and delicate that whoever made them should just make their own brush company because these were a complete steal)


Very Fake, MAC Eye/Lip Liner Pencil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
I was pretty sure this one was a fake right of the bat, mostly because i don't think MAC eyeliners have silver lids and there was no name of the color, I also wasn't able to find any reference to this lip/pencil when i got home. It still work pretty well though an i quite like the colors.

MAC Lipmax Lip Pigment
Not much to say about this, i was hoping it would be similar to a lip tar but it's mostly just clear with a slight pink tint to it. I should have just gotten more eyeshadows instead of this. The only real disappointment.

After this spree which amounted to about $40 i also needed to get my monthly dose of Fresh Farmacy from Lush and whilst there i also picked up some Sexy Peel Soap for the boyfriend as he doesn't like Shower Gels.

Overall I'm very happy with the things i got, especially the brushes and eyeshadows as they both seem great quality products so even if they are fake (which most likely they are) they were still a amazing deal. I don't really have too many feelings about fake makeup products, it can be annoying and disappointing if you go in thinking it was the real deal but that wasn't the case here as i was pretty sure it was all fake going on it. Keeping that in mind i was able to purchase a few things that were good quality and seemed like good products to try. What do you think about buying fake makeup products? Is it inevitable in Australia where prices are so incredibly steep?

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