Saturday, 7 September 2013

Review: Australis Neutrals & Neons Eyeshadow & Liner Kit

Today i wanted to to talk about the Australis Neutrals & Neons Eyeshadow & Liner Kit which i purchased a few weeks ago and is one of the reasons for my rising interest in bright eyeshadow. I've only ever used Australis eyeshadows once before so i had no real expectation for how it would perform but was happily surprised.

Let me say to begin with that this isn't an amazing palette that everyone should have, it is however a great way to test the waters when it comes to bright eyeshadows and if your willing put in effort then colorful eyeliners too. The neutral shades are nice but nothing you couldn't find elsewhere.

The packaging is nice and easier to clean then the matte "Get The Look! Pretty Pastel 4-in-1 Kit" released at the same time and usually sitting right next to it on the shelf. It's black shiny plastic and is pretty sturdy. The mirror stands up at various angles and doesn't fall down so you could actually use it while traveling. 

It claims to be usable wet and dry, however when i tried this the eyeshadow became a bit clumpy and harder to work with so I've found a better way to use it is with a wet/cream primer (I used Illamasqua Hollow pigment and the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and both worked well) and just pat it on and then blend later doing some color touch ups at the end. Best to do the eyeshadow first too as there is quite a bit of fallout on the "neon" shades.

As you can see the third color basically disappears on my skin and the first isn't much better though it makes a nice transition or blending color. These are nice and pretty pigmented, there's alot of product and the colors make a pretty good neutral eye.

The pink is the most pigmented, then yellow and blue with the green being a bit iffy but can be built up. There are lovley bright matte eyeshadows; the pink has a little shimmer in pan that does not really translate to the eye. My biggest issue is that they are not neons.

These are neons.

WIN: Interesting color variation, shades are quite pigmented, cheap, good first step to brights.
LOOSE: Very powdery, not in any way an eyeliner kit, the brights are not neon as stated on the package.

AVAILABILITY: Priceline $9.95 

I used this palette to make this look with the addition of Essence's John Lemon for the yellow inner corner.


  1. Hi! :) I love the colours in this pallette! I really like how you have used the colours to create that eye - awesome! :D

    PS Love the name of your blog!
    PPS Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    1. thanks you :) I wasn't sure about it at first but it's grown on me a lot

  2. You've done such a lovely job!! I've got this palette too and love it to bits :) Its so affordable also.
    I've tagged you in a 'get to know me' tag hun :)

    1. thanks so much, going to check it out right now!

  3. It’s about time for me to start depoting MAC blush/eyeshadows so I can have them in one place. Lately, I’ve noticed that I have very little space to store my MAC eyeshadows and pigments in my small 3-tier shelf, which is quite unfortunate.