Saturday, 28 September 2013

Review: Maybelline BB For Oily Skin

Like the rest of you i went a bit mad when Maybelline had their sale, i picked up their Dream Pure BB 8 in 1 BB Cream (for oily skin) which is the one with the blue cap.I have mentioned in previous posts that I'm a fan of BB creams as they work really well for my skin and I don't like heavy coverage. As it is this BB cream is quite god, though I'm afraid I'm not quite as wild about it as many reviews I have seen, and the reason for this is that while it's good, quite good in fact, I'm not fond of the packaging as it feels very "teen" and the texture on the container is a bit unpleasant to touch and i dislike the screw on lid and lack of a tapered tip so i often end up with a lot of extra product.

Having said that the product is actually quite good, the smell is a little "chemical: and I assume this is the salic acid contained in the product, but when it's on the skin it can't be detected. The shade is a little ashy which is similar to the Ponds BB cream I reviewed (here), this works quite well on cool toned pale girls but might be a bit off for those with warmer tones to their skin. It's a medium coverage and sometimes I find I don't need any concealer for my lighter blemishes or freckles, and stays put for a good 6 hours and up to 8 with powder on top. 

A unfortunate effect however is that when I use this particular bb cream after about 4 hours my forehead (and nothing else) gets very oily and kind of icky, powder on top does help somewhat but not enough for me to repurchase this particular BB cream, at the moment I will use this one up and then go back to the Ponds bb Cream.

WIN: Good consistency, Not too expensive, Good undertones for pale girls
 LOOSE: Cheap looking/feeling packaging, chemical smell, oily on forehead, and screw top cap
AVAILABILITY: Priceline $13.99

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