Monday, 23 September 2013

Review: Lime Crime Present Carausel Gloss

Having spent the last two posts in a shady area let us move on to this amazingly pigmented lip gloss from Lime Crime. I picked this up in Melbourne and really wanted to splurge on the eyeshadow pallet and Velvet matte lip gloss but the first was out of my budge ( I spent it all at Illamasqua) and the Velvet lip gloss was out of stock. This little baby however grabbed my attention due to the incredible color, which sadly none of my photos do any justice to. This is Lime Crime's Carousel Gloss and it's spectacular.

The packaging is very cute, a clear bottom tube with a swirling plastic pattern going around the tube, hence "carousel" topped off with a purple cap which has the name of the company and some cute embellishments. Now I was drawn in my the package and the color, but i wasn't sold until i saw it swatched, I'm not a huge fan of gloss - i never really see the point in putting a mostly colorless gel on my lips that will need to be reapplied in 10 seconds and that my hair will inevitably get stuck too. But for this I was willing to make an exception.

The brush applicator was an excellent choice as it's a very pigmented color it can stain your lips and this small brush makes it easy to line only around and within your lipline. I found it very easy to use as i think a doe foot applicator would have been far too messy considering how thick this gloss is.

Not sure why but my lip swatch  is totally dulled out and the sparkles don't show up at all, so i found you this one below which is far more accurate then my sad little swatch.
Better swatch from
This lip gloss is gorgeous, it's sticky and can stain your lips a but but who cares when something is this pretty? I know that I don't care.

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  1. Wow it looks gorgeous, definitely going to get it after seeing your post! :)