Monday, 26 August 2013

Review: Pond's Flawless White BB+

Now you may know that I'm a fan of bb creams, and i was a fan tinted moisturizers before BB creams were a thing. So unlike some people it doesn't bother me when a new BB cream comes out and it is little more then tinted moisturizer, that's cool with me, so long as it does what i need it to do: even out my complexion, match my skin tone, not look like cake, not sink into pores, and not make me break. For the most part this isn't too difficult, for about a year my go to product was the Garnier BB oil free miracle skin perfecter, and it worked pretty damn well. It was however quite thin and the new packaging meant a lot of product flowed out of the tube and made things quite messy. Over time it also seemed to take a bit of an orange tint, not sure if the formula changed or i just got paler but there came a time when i really wasn't as impressed with it as in the past.

BB creams being a weakness for me i became very excited when i saw the shiny and pink new Pond's stand go up at my local Priceline, and then my excitement immediately plummeted again when i saw the one product my eyes had locked onto, the bb cream was not available and according to the shop assistant would be available when it was available. Not helpful. So i checked back every few days and no luck, so i went to Melbourne for my trip and there it was. Yay!

The product is great, even though i got the Illamasqua skin base at around the same time i have used this much more because i really don't like using full coverage everyday. I had terrible acne as a teen and used to cover it up, now i can't stand having heavy foundation on and fear the cake look of my high school days. This doesn't do that. It is very similar to the Watsons BB Collagen Cream ,even which i reviewed a while ago. It has the same thickness and the same creamy consistency and even similar packaging. I really liked Watsons and I really like this one too.

The opening is  a narrow tube, similar to the Garnier BB but the product isn't as liquid so it doesn't leak out, and is quite easy to control how much of the product you want to squeeze out, the case is quite soft so that isn't a problem either. There is no strong scent, if i stick my nose up to the only way i could describe the smell is "clean" but i can't really smell it on me so there is no irritation. It comes in two shades and there is also a Mature Age version which i got for mum and it seems pretty similar. 

The version we have here is Australia is SPF 15, but i know for a fact the US had a SPF 30 version, so that makes total sense that the place known for it's massive sunlight and rising rate of skin cancer gets the lesser SPF version. Mind boggling.

The craziness aside it's a around medium coverage in terms of BB creams, but probably sheer verging on medium when compared to full on foundation. For me it lasts 8 hours when set with a powder and then i usually wash it off but it seems to hold on pretty well as i don't really notice much wear. It's quite easy to blend and i would recommend using fingers or a wide haired stippling brush, I always apply this with my Real Techniques one because i don't like getting my fingers dirty but finger application works great too.

Oh it also claims to whiten skin, but meh, i have not seen evidence of that, wasn't expecting it to, and that's not why i got it. So if your looking to whiten skin i don't think it's good for that. Although i will say it does have a somewhat bright-ning effect. As for oil control it's good for up to 5 hours after that you might start getting some oil coming through but it's not really marketed as such either. I will repurchase this once I'm done with this.

Wearing Ponds Flawless White BB+

WIN: Nice consistency, good delivery system, cute package, not too expensive, brightens complexion
LOOSE: Seems light as if there isn't much product, doesn't whiten.

AVAILABILITY: Priceline $13.99


  1. It sounds quite nice! I really like that its not super liquidy, I hate when products leak! yucky!

  2. This sounds lovely, your skin looks so good! I'll have to keep an eye out for it :)

    Jess xo

  3. Hey I just do blogwalking and I found your blog! You are pretty anyway. Wanna follow each other anyway?
    Just let me know.

  4. I know this is an old post, but I only just noticed today that the silver sticker that said SPF 15 peels off, it is actually SPF 30 PA++ :)