Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Preview: Illamasqua "The Sacred Hour" Collection

I found out about this collection in the morning one day after my birthday. God Damn it, i have no idea how, in my illamasqua fevered brain i missed the buzz going on about this upcoming collection. Bad Blogger! now i have to go sell my kidney so i can afford the palette and one of the blushes at least! so without further ado here is Illamasqua's new collection: The Sacred Hour.

The Reflections Palette -
A warm neutral palette, featuring Precipice - a soft lemon, Acute - a Ash Taupe, Graphica - a graphite grey and Dart - a toasted bronze. It seems to have the same spongy/creamy consistency as their Paranormals palette. I need this in my life. $53.97 (Not yet available at Myer Australia)

Velvet Blush in Sleek & Peaked -
These two are a new type of blusher from Illamasqua. Velvet blushers are a cream to powder, designed to last longer on oil prone skin. I imagine this is because their Cream Blushes are so popular but those who are oil-prone often can't use them. These seem pretty amazing though i don't know if i could choose which one is nicer.

Nailpolish in Hemlock and Facet -
Some very interesting colors going on here, Hemlock is the pale opal green and my favorite of the two, the other is Facet - gray crystal. From what i have seenboth can be built up and layer quite nicley over each other or other polishes

False Eye Lashes in Lush -
The are a new addition of their range as well, a rough slightly feathered lashes that emphasize the natural tone of this collection.

Lipstick in Shard - 
A lovely autumn lipstick with deep berry notes, it is like most of their lipsticks a matte product. Looks like it would go well with many skin tones.

Skin Base Lift -
Skin Base Lift is a new addition to the skin Base range and works as a creamy concealer designed to brighten, illuminate and conceal. It's available in 7 shades so most people should find a suitable match, the other option is to find something close and use the "white" shade to mix.

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