Friday, 2 August 2013

My Trip to Illamasqua

So during my trip to Melbourne (which i loved, and now miss terribly) one of my stand out moments of the trip was having my makeup done at the Illamasqua counter at Myer. This was my second trip to the counter which was when i made the appointment and could barely wait to go back. I've never had my makeup done at any counter so i thought this would be pretty cool and it was certainly interesting.  It cost $50 and was redeemable in products at the end which was totally worth it.

Starting off, fresh faced and rearing to go. I do look a bit tired because the entire time i was in Melbourne I barely slept, it was all way too interesting to spend much time sleeping.

Step 1) Wiping off any dirt or oil and then priming and moisturizing with the Illamasqua Hydra Veil which i fell in love with the moment it touched my skin. It felt like dipping my face in a pool of water.

Step 2) Starting with the eyes, applying the color pigment in Hollow as a base, then working the loose pigment into the crease. 

Step 3) Bringing some of the pigment down (it seems to stick to Hollow quite well) and then applying a blue eyeshadow over the lid, then adding a smoky effect to the corner.

 Step 4) Some of the products used; (from left to right) Translucent Loose Powder (in 10), Hydra Veil, Powder Blush (in Katie), Skin Base Foundation (in 01),  Eye Brow Cake (in Gaze), Powder Eye Shadow (in Inception), Powder Eye Shadow (in Sex),  Powder Eye Shadow, (in Obsidian), Powder Eye Shadow
(in Machine), Pure Pigment (in Alluvium).

The lipstick is Lipstick (in ESP, from their current Paranormal collection), the MUA also used the Precision Gel Liner and their Masquara in Raven. I quite liked the overall look and picked up a few of the products, which i will be reviewing soon, and I will also be saving for a few more products.

I took this picture a few hours into the night, we went out the Mana Bar and a few other places. I found the makeup lasted really well and my skin felt great after i took it off when i got back to the hotel. overall it was a great experience and I'm considering making it a  tradition when i visit Melbourne (because i will be going back). 

It was a lovely experience and the MUA who helped me out seemed very nice and knowledgeable about the products. I would highly recommend the Illamasqua counter in Melbourne.

So let me know what you think or tell me about any experiences you have had at a makeup counter?


  1. Whoooooa that's an amazing look! I've got to email Illamasqua again about a Perth counter, we were promised one :(