Thursday, 8 August 2013

Game Review: Animal Crossing New Leaf

So i have decided to take a brief time out of oogling Illamasqua to share with you something else that bring me joy, today we have a game review.

Besides being in Melbourne one of the other things taking up my time lately (oh an that new job thing) has been the new 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This game was one of the reasons i bought a 3ds in the first place as it was (oh so long ago) on the launch posters but that was not to be. I did however get over my sense of betrayal over this and now, 3 years on Animal Crossing is finally out!

If you have played previous versions you know what to expect, otherwise the closest comparison i can make is Sims but with animal characters and no "needs" for your character to take care of. You select your gender and answer a few questions that determine how your character looks at the start of the game (all of which but eye and nose shape can be changed later on) and arrive in your brand new town which you can name however you like. 

You arrive in your town and find that by some trick of fate you are now the mayor and that it's up to you to make your town great (by arranging to build various town projects such as fairytale streetlights, cobblestone bridges, or a pyramid among many others) and keep you citizens happy (by chatting with them, doing favors for them, competing in competitions against them or sending them letters). Each day the various stores in town get new stock so you can over time customize your entire town/house and self.

Here are some pictures from my game which shows some of the ways that my town has changed in the few weeks i have been playing, you can see my house has increased in size (extra floor and rooms), more flowers around the house, unique flowers around the house, new fence and different roof. My character too has changed getting cute new clothes, coloring her hair and changing her accessories. Overall it's a very cute and heartwarming game to play and because it works on real time it's a great one to play on the bus or on break. It's a little bit like a facebook game but with a lot more heart and no extra purchases. There is a lot of content here and it will take a long time to experience it all.

Some of the content includes festivals and special events like Christmas or Halloween festivals, fishing and bug catching contests, diving and gem finding games and much more. 

If you want to have Animal Crossing and want to see what my town looks like the dream code is 7900-2196-6931 .If anyone is interested I'm open to exchanging friend codes too. Let me know what you think if you have played it or why it might not be your thing?


  1. Aww Animal Crossing is so cute!!

    I only have a DSi and you're making me want to bring it out to play animal crossing!!!

    1. You should! Animal Crossing Wild World was my first DS game ever and it was awesome! The only differences in this one is that you get to be they mayor and you can also wear a bit more stuff but the games are pretty interchangeable :)

  2. I also have been losing time by playing new leaf as much as I can around work and life. My dream address is 6900-2550-7314