Friday, 30 August 2013

Empties: August 2013

I don't usually do Empties post (read : never) because my apartment is small and i have enough stuff filling it up without keeping junk that;s empty or used up. However this month i set myself the challenge to do it and i ended up finishing enough products to make it worth posting.

The products are as follows:

Swisspers cotton wipes
++++ repurchase: yes
Go to cotton wipes, i find them soft and easy to use though i prefer the pads, especially for nail polish removal, but those are a little expensive. The work just as well but can be a bit fluffy when it comes to nail polish.

Savvy makeup remover wipes
- - -  repurchase: no
These made my skin sensitive, i don;t usually have sensitive skin so no way am i repurchasing this. They smelled fine and worked okay but after a swipe or two they started to make my skin feel raw and achy, sort of like how your nose area feels when you have a cold and have to keep wiping it.

Bastise Dry Shampoo in Tropical
+++ repurchase: yes
Great dry shampoo, i sometimes forget to use it though because i perfer to just wash my hair but on the odd days i forget or get lazy this is a god send, i'm currently trying out the cherry one and i really love the scent so i might look for a full size of that rather then my go tropical.

Models Perfer Mattifying Primer
+ repurchase: no
This worked well as a primer, not exceptional but not bad. The reason i won't repurchase is because after about two months the lid would no longer stay screwed down and started to get gel over items in my makeup bag. Not fun so this one is a no go.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in black
+++ repurchase: yes
I love this mascara and will repurchase as soon as i have gone though a few others or they have a sale on L'Oreal as the thin brush makes it so easy to get the lashes on your lower lid but does a great job separating lashes in the top lid. My lashes are naturally long so i don't need a huge amount of volume but this still does add extra oomph.

Schwarzkopf Brilliance Conditioning Sample
- repurchase: no 
This was okay, i noticed my hair color leaked a lot after i used this, i 'm not sure if it was because of this or because it had only been my second wash since dying it but this didn't do anything special, smell especially nice or give me any other reason to repurchase.

Aveda Conditioning Sample
+ repurchase: no
This conditioning cream was a bit nicer in that it smelled good but there honestly wasn't enough product for me to tell if it was any good so i might try the brand at some point but feel no inclination ti go out and try this any time soon.

Lynx For Her Deodorant
+ + repurchase: yes
I like this, it lasts throughout the day and the lock cap makes it great for travel. You can even take it on a plane because of that. It smells pleasant enough and works, with good packaging. Not sure if this is still limited edition or not.

Honey I Washed the Kids shower gel
++++repurchase: yes
A great honey smelling gel, it's a gel version of the solid soap that Lush have had for a long time and i will surley repurchase this again, however right now im rotating Philosophy's Cinnamon Buns shower gel and Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction shower gel both of which are super yum.

Not pictured

Fresh Farmacy
+++++ repurchase: yes
I go through at least one of these or more in a month and i will continue to buy this until i die because it's the most amazing cleanser. That is all.

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