Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review: Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Illamasqua Hydra Veil was a product that i have kept my eye on since pictures first appeared when Illamasqua released their Paranormal collection, it was something that was immediately intriguing; it wasn't makeup, it was jelly, it was weird, and it sounded pretty amazing.

Illamasqua describes the product as "Create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil's instantly rehydrating, gel formula. Providing the optimal base for your make-up, apply before foundation with an Illamasqua Brush."

It's $40 in Australia, and honestly that is way more then i would usually spend on a product like this, and the price was terribly of putting for me, until i actually got to try it when i had my makeup done at their counter (see previous post) and it sort of just captured my heart.


As the pictures show it's got a very thick jelly like consistency and is made to replace your moisturiser and/or primer. You use it instead of whatever you would usually put on before makeup and it's good for all skin types according to the literature. i have oily/combination skin and it works awesome for me and i imagine it would do even more amazing things for a dry skinned girl.

It works kind of like you see here, you take a tiny amount, the size you see on the little spoon (with that usage it should last around 9 months, which is why i was okay with $40) and rub it into your face and it feels like dipping your face it a pool of water, it is indeed that refreshing.  It settles into all the creases on your face and re hydrates everything, as you can see it very quickly takes shape again no matter how much you mess it up. Which is how it acts on the skin too.

So here is why i like it so much and will have trouble going back to a regular primer:

x will last a very long time because you use only the tiniest amount
x feels incredibly hydrating
x doesn't have any strong scent but it does smell "nice" on your skin
x because the yellow lid seals the product it's great for travel
x stops creasing and caking
x can be used as a eye primer
x since it's a gel it will not spill

For best use i recommend using this on bare skin, not on top of moisturizer o a primer just skin to skin and make sure you use it with a water based foundation as this product is mostly water anyway and might not get along too well with a silicon or wax based foundation.

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