Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review: Illmasqua Skin Base

Continuing my Illamasqua reviews is the much loved Skin base in shade SB 02, which is the lightest color they do that isn't the white. Yes I'm that pale most of the time anyway. I talked about this briefly in my previous post, i picked this up after the MUA used it on me when i had my makeup session with them.

At first i thought it was going to be too light, and if i get a bit of sun it can be but the lightness is actually what i quite like about it, it makes a really lovely porcelain skin type of effect which i like with either dark lips or eyes.

So how does it perform? It's a high coverage foundation so for me it's not an everyday use product however i would choose it over any other full coverage  foundations because Skin Base does not feel heavy at all, in fact it feels more like a bb cream or tinted moisturizer however it takes a little more effort to spread the product then if it was one of those products.

It has a lovely finish, neither matte nor glossy it's probably best described as a satin finish and once left to set for a few moments looks truly amazing. It lasts a good 8 hours and since i have only used it with the Hydra Veil it has not caked or creased in that time but i suppose different primers/moisturizers may cause different effects. It has no scent and you do not need very much at all to cover you whole face. It's available in 18 colors which includes a white to further refine whatever color you need to match your skin tone.

My only con would be the packaging which while very pretty and does suit the rest of the set incredibly well is quite hard plastic and it seems like it will be difficult to get the last of the foundation out and makes it a bit hard to judge how much product your going to get when you try to get some out.

You can see the color on my face in this post


  1. Oo I have Skin Base and I really do love it! A little goes such a long way! Great review!

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  2. I got this, and so far I'm not really *loving* it... might have to get the matching primer, as I have a feeling it's my primer that's making me not love it! I do love how light they go, though! xx

    1. what primer did you use it with? I haven't tried it with anything other then the Hydra veil but maybe that could be it...