Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows

So as i mentioned in my pre-birthday post i picked up two of the L'Oreal eyeshadow at a target clearance sale, those two colors were Sahara Treasure and Naughty Strawberry for $4.83 each. I then tried them both over the next few days and realized what i had been missing out on, and it was a lot. So of course i went back for a more thorough search and emerged victorious with 6 more colors. I'm so in love with these right now, i honestly must say that in terms of pigment and ease of use they approach Urban Decay levels of awesome. Having said that i usually hate loose pigments, in fact loose "powder" anything is usually way more work then I'm willing to put in due to the mess, the difficulty, the packaging.

Usually it just doesn't work for me. These however are not like that, they are pressed pigments which means they don't throw around quite the same levels of mess, the container is big enough to dip a brush or a finger, and there is no mesh plastic to get in your way so the control is all in your hands about how much you use. The packaging is plastic, fairly light and holds 3.5g of product and a stopper to push the pigment into place.

The product itself is very soft and almost spongy in it's consistency, it's odd to describe a powder product as creamy but these really are. Supposedly they last 24hr, i don't know but they lasted 10 hours easily enough and personally i experienced no creasing using Illamasqua Hydra veil, Illamasqua color pigment or a Maybelline eye tattoo as a base.  They are very shimmery but i would say most are still work safe though i have read that there are a few matte shades out there somewhere. 

Most bloggers seem to have had better luck with using fingers over brushes but personally i have had great luck with both, and i would say that using a slightly harder flat brush works very well at picking up the pigment and blending is a breeze no matter how you do it.

Now let me share my awesome stash with you:

021 Sahara Treasure

 Sahara Treasure is a warm shimmery bronze that almost approaches a taupe color. I leans a little towards gold and makes a lovely everyday shade. The base color seems to be a golden sort of beige and then when you blend it out it is mostly gold. Despite this and the shimmer the color is still fairly neutral and wearable.  Cost $4.83

022 Emerald Lame

Emerald Lame, which is quite an odd name is a dark slightly olive toned green that could be described as a dark khaki color. Greens aren't my usual forte but when they blend this smoothly and sit so well i am willing to make an exception and give it a try. Also known as Golden Emerald in the US.
Cost $0.83
027 Goldmine

 Goldmine is a perfect warm toned gold that has a hint of a creamy almost beige base, a close inspection reveals a few dark orange sparkles but they don't show on the lid and seem to mostly just add depth to the warm gold overtones. Sadly this one had it's stopper removed but the product doesn't seem to have been harmed at all. This one also calls itself Gold Imperial in the US.
Cost $0.83

031 Innocent Turquoise

A faintly warm toned blue/green shade from the Miss Candy collection. It leans more toward blue then green with tiny specks of golden yellow that do not really show up on the lid but do add shimmer and dimension. It's a lovely shade and i personally found it showed up quite well. Cost $4.83

032 Sassy Marshmallow

This was one of the colors from the Miss Candy collection, it's a cool toned silvery blue with a hint of lilac and is just gorgeous. I can see this working well with a bright pink or blue. I believe this one also masquerades under the name Sassy Chamallow in the US. Cost $4.83

033 Tender Caramel

Tender Caramel is a somewhat darker version of Sahara Treasure, it's a bit richer then Sahara as well with a noticeable lean toward a red almost plum color visible in the sparkles. Taupe might be a good descriptor, it's an attractive shade that beautifully mixed gold, brown and red into a very wearable shade. Despite the red and gold elements i do think it's still a cool leaning eyeshadow but could certainly be warmed up next to a coral or warm gold. Cost $4.83

034 Pepsy Coral

Pepsy Coral is certainly a unique eyeshadow color, i have similar shades in blushes and lipsticks but i can't honestly say that i have any similar eye-shadows. It's a distinctly warm toned coral with specks of gold and yellow to add depth. It's not as shimmery as many of the others but paired with a brown or taupe would still be fine for work. Cost $0.83

036 Naughty Strawberry

Naughty Strawberry was the first color that caught my eye and is largely responsible for my sudden increase in L'Oreal color infallible eye shadows. That said Naughty Raspberry might have been a more apt name. It's a warm deep pink in the pan but closer to a blue toned pale Barbie pink when swathed, the color is very build able and can be built up to be quite vibrant. The shimmer is mostly golden with a few visible silver glitters thrown in too.

013 Burning Black

 Burning Black is a very dark rich plum.  This one is an interesting color as it's quite clearly a plum but at first glance, and indeed when you wipe it away it looks black It;s a lot less shimmery then the others but the formula remains fantastic and it blends out like a charm without loosing it's vividness.
Cost  $9.95

408 Gleaming Bronze

Gleaming Bronze is a deep almost green toned bronze. It's darker and deeper then  Tender Caramel and Sahara Treasure.It has less shimmer but it has an almost glossy look and would make a oretty awesome neutral eyeshadow. Cost $7.50 for 2 (The second color i picked up looked like it had been used and was quite nasty inside so i will be returning it shortly)

The swatches are not very accurate as they were taken a bit later in the day and the color seems to have washed out quite a bit, it does however show you how pigmented these are, each of these was only a single swipe. I will certainly be on the lookout for more.

Here's a look i did using Goldmine, Naughty Strawberry, and Innocent Turqoise with a bit of bit of a dark blue (Dusk till Dawn MUA pallete) in the crease. I love how it turned out, looks like a starry night/galaxy type of look.


  1. Oh you look so pretty!!

    I am addicted to these pots!

    My favourite is Tender Caramel. I often just use it on it's own. As with all the colours, there's a certain depth to them and they look like you've put in so much effort without even trying! :)

    1. Thank you, i can't believe i missed these for so long and i think your right about Tender Caramel, I'm happy i found that one!