Monday, 17 September 2012

Skincare Haul Haus of Gloi and Lush

Since my small foray into Haus of Gloi I've been following their we site and lusting after their fall or "Autumn" collection and couldn't stop myself trying out more stuff and sitting next to my boyfriend looking up info on the products followed by loud squealing sounds of want and delight.

 This was going to be all Haus of Gloi but then my Lush order turned up the same day but Haus of Gloi is where it's at. Photos go!

I decided to try one of each of their typed products; sugar scrub, bubbling scrub, body emulsion, pumpkin butter and two lip balms. They all smell lovely and the pumpkin butter in Ghost Puffs( yay full size) is so much more then i ever imagined. I'll be purchasing this in another form very soon. All these products are incredibly rich in smell and texture and are simply an indulgence to use.

Lastly my Rose Jam body wash came in! It's on line only for a limited time and the best of all? It smells like Ro's Argan Body Conditioner! You may recall i raved about the scent of the conditioner here and now there's more of it! Plus it's less expensive then the body conditioner! Remember it's limited time!

The other item was the Cherry Tree soap from the online stores "retro" collection, i have a thing for cherries and though i would give it a shot, it smells very nice kind of like citrus mixed with cherries but isn't as gentle as most of their newer soaps.

Reviews will surely be coming soon :) One I'm done rolling around on top of all this stuff like my very own personal dragon hoard.


  1. Wow the packaging of those Haus of Gloi products are cute!

  2. So jealous of your Haus of Gloi haul! I had to limit myself to two sample perfume oils because I had no money :( Can't wait for the review :)

    1. it's very hard to control myself on that site; im already considering another purchase. Ghost Puffs smells so good i want to put it on my toast!

  3. I've never tried Haus of Gloi, didn't know much about them, now I have to....

  4. I've never tried any Haus of Gloi stuff, I can't wait for your reviews! I got the Lush Rose Jam body wash too, it is sooo amazing!