Sunday, 16 September 2012

Inexpensive Blush Off

Presenting the Blush off :) I thought this would be more fun then doing these each on their own/ plus this gives a chance to see how they compare to each other. So without further clutter here are the contestants;

1. Essence 02 Beauty on Tour Lip and Cheek Tint - I mentioned this in my previous post as my "go to" blush for everyday wear. This is for several reasons the biggest of all which is longevity. It last 5+ hours and then fades away very clean without any marks or splotches. 

The color is a lovely coral pink so it's quite a natural shade; it blends out extremely easy and can be layer like a dream for more or less brightness. It might seem mega bright when it first goes on but a little blending is all that's needed as it really isn't that strong (unless you want it to be). Since it's a cream i recommend layering it over powder so it has something to hold on to as it doesn't have the same lasting power on bare skin or just foundation.  It makes a decent lip tint but not that special in my opinion. Cost: $3.50

Note: for some reason no matter how much i use this it always self evens out hence why it looks untouched in the photos.

2. Essence Blush SoufflĂ© in Prima Ballerina -  Another Essence blush, this was from the Ballerina collection and is similar to Maybeline dream blushes.  This blush is probably the most natural looking one i own. The pink is very subtle and slightly dusky, plus it mixes with your own chemistry very easily and just looks like a very real and natural glow to your cheeks. 

Due to this i tend to use it for more subtle occasions; interviews or formal events at school. It doesn't have the same staying power as the cheek/lip tint above but it feels much lighter and looks much more real. Price $3.50

3. Burjois in Lune D'or - This is my 3rd Burjois blush, and this shade is  the NARS "Orgasm" dupe although i think this one probably came first though i haven't actually looked into it. It's a gorgeous shade; when you can get it out of the container. It's very sheer and thus i usually tend to scrape the top a bit to make it more powdery as otherwise it takes too long to apply but the color pay off is very much worth it. This blush when applies properly looks like glows.

Though it takes a  bit more work this blush is great for travel and for special occasions; it's also quite nice in the mornings if you need a bit of a lift because the rose scent in the product is soft and pretty. If you can deal with sheerness in the product and the fact it requires a little effort to get going then this product is great. Lasting power is very average.  Price $20

4. DB Pink Blush 593 - I bought this blush at the start of the year and for a while it was my go to blush due to the fact it kind of looks like your not actually wearing blush. The color is very dusky and warm, it gives the sort of look that your cheeks are just warm not that your actually blushing.
 Like maybe you've been in the sun for a bit. It kind of sits the line between a bronzer and a blush really. It's a good color but the product itself has a lot of fallout which depending on how applies isn't a bad thing. Lasting power is about 4 hours and it fades very evenly. A fair product for a subtle look. Price $8.99

5. Physician's Formula Flawless Complexion Mineral Blush in Rose Glow - i did a bit of a review on this when i first got it. It's a nice blush and super pigmented; too pigmented in my opinion. I like the dark plum color but find it hard to use; it doesn't like blending out well and is prone to leaving streaks from where i try to blend it out; fingers works a bit better then a brush which does nothing but even that doesn't achieve a nice look. I'm not sure how much it is on it's own but the kit i got it in was $29.00 and included a foundation powder and "mineral veil". Still not sure how it's different from powder?

The color is great and will lasts ages if you can manage to spread it and blend it out,  I would say skip it, you can find a much more useful and pretty blush elsewhere.

Swatch time; As you can see the Essence Beauty on tour is crazy thick and bright when it goes on but blends out to a pretty pale coral, the soufflĂ© is a bit harder to work with but is a nice subtle pink. The Burjois is lovely and if you can find a way to make it work well is the pretties color with lovley shimmer. The DB is closer to bronzer then blush almost but is a nice yellow toned coral blush with good color pay off. Lastly the PF, the swatch as you can see if crazy bright and that's just one swipe. Hard to blend and use but the color, admittedly, is quite pretty. 

What's your go to blush?

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  1. The Bourjois blush looks super pretty and glowy in the swatch :)