Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Pirouette My Whistle

Some of you may recall i received "Pirouette My Whistle" for my birthday last month, so i felt it was about time to show it off. 

It makes a gorgeous top coat more then a nail polish to be used on it's own. It consists of a pale silver tiny glitter mixed in with larger hexagonal silver glitters. When you put it on top of another polish it provides a faint milky sheer cover so it's a nice way to pale out a bright color and make it that tiny bit more feminine and soft. It also works quite nicely for jelly sandwich manicures.

It's from the New York City ballet collection released early this year; the whole collection is very pretty and girly; soft sheer colors. The formula on this was very good and smooth, the larger glitter is dispersed a bit randomly but it's very workable.



  1. I got the NYC Ballet Mini set and I've just started using it! I've used this top coat on every manicure I've done for the past week and I love it! I've currently got it on as an accent nail. So pretty!
    Are you wearing it with another polish in that picture? Which one?

    1. It's on top of a pale pink polish from essence called "Sweet as Candy" similar to the sheer pink in the ballet collection :)