Friday, 14 September 2012

Essence "Rebels" Edition Preview

So as anyone who even briefly looks over this blog will know I'm a pretty big Essence fan; for reasons ive mentioned a million times before but to sum it up here are my reasons; inexpensive, quality and above all creative. This trend editions are something i always look forward to, so i thought from now on i would put up these little previews when they get released.

Todays new edition is the "Rebels" collection (only at Priceline) and includes; 

  • 01 punk royal "Spiderlash" Mascara
  • 01 mauve like a rockstar /02 rebel delight Matte Lip Gloss
  • 01 peach punk Cheek and Lip Tint.
  • 01 mauve like a rockstar/02 rebel delight/03 peach punk /04 rebelizer Latex nail polishes (ie.s suede/matte)
  • 01 punk royal "Rock" Top Coat (matte black glitter suspended in a sheer dark tinted base)
So as this collection went up yesterday i was in a hurry this afternoon after school to see if i could it find it, and there it was, an untouched collection sitting just waiting for me.

My initial interest was in the two mat lip glosses and the mauve nail polish and top coat, however as evident i also picked up the green/yello polish as in person it was far more intriguing then on any photos i had seen. If i didn't already have the lip and cheek tint from the Boarding edition i might have also picked up the one from this edition. Might do so later if i still see it around but it's not calling to me yet. Though the other lip/cheek tint works like a dream so if you didn't find that one then this might be a good substitute.

Proper reviews will go up as time and interest allow; however i wore the mauve all the way home and i can say it's lovely both in color and lasting strength. I recently purchased some Nyx matte lip creams and would say this is just as good if not possibly better.

Looking forward to the Snow White and Fruity collections coming up! (Sadly Australia appears to not be getting the Wild Craft collection. Boo)

How about you, find anything interesting in this collection?


  1. Yay it came out! :)
    I'll be popping into Priceline now :)

  2. yayy :)
    going to priceline soon now!