Friday, 7 September 2012

Double the Movies

After i did a post about my nail polish stash here i pointed out that my copy of Not Like the Movies by OPI was the full duochrome version not the lame un-chromy version.

So, as i was asked for (and totally spaced on, sorry Rebecca!) As has been done for a few other OPI's (my private jet anyone?) the original release for "Not Like the Movies" was a lovely duchrome goddess with lavender, silver, blue flashes and pretty metallic-ish microglitter.

Later on, either their suppliers changed or demand was too high but the next and seemingly future releases did not include the duchrome effects and were closer to just a glittery silver polish without the thing that made it special. Hence if you go buy it now, especially from an on-line retailer it's next to impossible to tell which version you will be getting. Though there are a few ways you can tell the difference;

  • Firstly the true Duochrome is farm more  sheer in terms of application and the silver glitter is the same size throughout where the non-duo is thicker and has varying size of microglitter.
  • The duchrome, because of the bottle shape looks both darker and should, if turned at varying angles should produce a pink/lavender color change.
  • The serial code appears to be different as well; 1036AAV appears to indicate the true duochrome while the other code is the silver version.
Not duo/duo

The duochrome on close up

The silver on close up

Th silver version, as you can see it just looks grey/silver. Nice but not that unique.

Sadly my photo of the true duochrome got corrupted so i will need to re-swatch it, but if you want to see it on the nail have a look at this post at Rainbows and Sparkles. But now at least you can tell which is which, and cannot be tricked. 

So which version do you have?

PS. If your looking for a dupe then Essence Where's the Party is a excellent dupe and only costs $2.55


  1. The most I ever paid for a polish was buying this in Australia. I usually buy OPI from overseas to capitalise on better prices. This was bought in person because I could see I was getting the right version.

  2. Ooh. I like this and am sad it may be difficult to find. But happy that the essence is a dupe, as I have 2 of those:)

  3. Worth it if you can find it, but yeah I too had to shell out full price too