Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Touch of Black Magic

This here is the rest of my Strawberry Net order, and an order id almost given up hope for; my black magic soap order that i made back in July finally turned up.

So here is the stuff:

(from Strawberry Net)
Ultraflesh, Perfect Pinks mini lipstick set;

Not sure why but this part of the order was beautifully gift wrapped; at least the lipstick set and the Korres in iridescent pink wrapping paper. Not sure what i did to deserve that but thank you Strawberry net.

Ultraflesh, black magic eye set; contains 6 lipsticks in smalls size; there are three shades and each comes in a matte and sheer type. The mac and lip butter are in the photo for a size comparison. (This pack also comes in red shades)

This is so cool; it was a freebie too due to the fact i ordered using their mobile site. This travel set is pretty awesome; it's like a swiss army knife of makeup; the top layer has a black matte eyeshadow and a shimmery black eyeshadow with gold glitter. The second layer has a gel eyeliner in black and a brush for application, and the third layer has two mascaras.

Korres Lip Butter in Quince;

I don't know what "Quince" is but i love the color, the texture on this one appears a bit thicker then on the wild rose or mango version. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

(from One Hand Washes the Other)

Everything here was packadged in such a lovely way; perfectly wrapped. Included a handwritten thank you, a wax sealed (wax sealed!) evvalope with my invoice and a whole pile of stickers plus a candy.

Large Size Black Magic Soap Bar;

I suspect this will be somewhat simmiliar to my HG facial cleanser Lush's Fresh Farmacy so I'm pretty keen to have a go at this as it's gotten awesome reviews from everything i have found. 

perfume samples;

in Honey Crisp & Jack in  Black and two solid perfume sample in Vanilla and Tea Rose Mimosa
(i should point out that i only ordered one of these sample (the honey crisp) and the rest were freebies included in my order, i suspect this may be due to their current 18-20 day turn over) but still awesome. Makes the month+ wait a little less painful.

Let me know if you have a review preference :)
Enjoy your weekend

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