Monday, 3 September 2012

Review: OPI Glitzerland

This is Glitzerland from the Swiss OPI Collection which i believe was released in 2010, I've been wanting a gold nail polish for a while now, the only only one i have is the Essence's Love me Tender from their 50's collection but that one is not very bright and much more toned down then Glitzerland.

Glitzerland is a smooth, slightly sheer polish with great application; it's a color I've been wearing a lot since i got it because as i explained to my boyfriend "it's perfect by being both shimmery bling and neutral cool toned gold". It's a color with a lot of depth; it's shimmery if you look close at it but from further away it's just a cool toned gold perfect for the season change as the moment.

It's a lovely color and i will be wearing a lot in the coming future.

P.s. I have noticed that David Jones has slightly lowered their OPI price from 21.00 to 19.00 a slightly nicer alteration.


  1. I have this on my wishlist too! It is so gorgeous :)

  2. I've been tempted by Glitzerland so many times! But I've managed to restrain myself :p I have too many gold polishes but I love the look of it anyway. OPI are my favourite nail polish brand :)

  3. I picked it out as my first true gold nail polish, could not resist OPI. It's truly a lovely polish very wearable, but hopefully this doesn't start me down a gold nail polish warpath :)