Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Korres & Strawberries

Not really a haul and not really a review; a little of both i guess. All thanks to the awesome strawberry net and their (still going, still tempting) free shipping deal.

Since i got that mango lip butter for my birthday I've been quite interested in Korres, but again they are so very expensive here for a brand that isn't really high end but not really drugstore either. Thus i didn't wasn't to buy anything at KIT or at Myer but still wanted to try some more stuff, as well as add to my lip butter stash. So Strawberry net;s free shipping gave me the best excuse to try some stuff. Since i wasn't sure what i wanted i got this pack; Wild Rose Triple Benefits Color Collection (Limited Edition) found here.

The pack contains;
1 x Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream (For Normal & Dry Skin) 2ml/0.07oz
1 x Wild Rose Instant Brightening & Illuminating Mask 4ml/0.13oz
1 x Wild Rose Brightening High Coverage Concealer - # WRC3 (Beige) 1.5ml/0.05oz
1 x Wild Rose Brightening & Long Lasting Foundation - # WRF3 2ml/0.07oz
1 x Wild Rose Sheer Lip Butter - # Red 6g/0.21oz
1 x Sunflower & Evening Primrose Eye Shadow - # 10S White 1.8g/0.06oz
1 x Cosmetic Bag

I felt this was a good try all pack since it comes with a bit of everything including a full size lip butter and full size concealer, plus cosmetic bag which is so pretty.

Here's a closer look at the stuff in the boxes;

Wild Rose is a bit more dark then the mango version and much more on the red toned edge where as mango was more orange, i like them both. This one feels just as nice and seems to have the same lip softening effect as the other. Plus it smells quite nice (still like the mango scent better though).

The concealer was a big reason for why i choose this pack over the other one i was spying; I've been after a new concealer for a few weeks now but nothing really appealed to me so this was a good chance to try something new. Also smells lovely. Haven't tested it out properly run so this will likely be a review later in the month.

This small eyeshadow is super cute, it looks like a little chocolate square and the color is a white slightly silvery color that makes my boyfriend think of "mithril" (aka lord of the rings). Looks like a good highlight or inner corner color and a great test for the brand.

The other items were a sample of their foundation, wild rose brightening cream and a wild rose mask. Looking forward to testing these, the mask and foundation in particular.

Plus since it was my first time buying from them i got the mini Stilla eyebrow pencil.
(Seriously tiny, smaller then my little finger)

If their free shipping is still going in two weeks i might break down and get one of these; 

Have you tried Korres?


  1. I thought Strawberry Net's free shipping was a constant thing, and not a time-limited deal? I'm really tempted to try some Korres products now after your review :)

  2. oh god i hope not, my self control is lacking as it is :)