Tuesday, 28 August 2012

In Depth Review : Emotional Brilliance

Sophisticated, Perspective, Calm, Success, Ambition, Confidence

Today is a post I've been planning for a few weeks now. Ever since my first post I've been testing these out and have purchased more since, which despite their expense I'm quite happy with and would happily purchase again.

I wanted to get a good look into these so i would be able to speak about more than just my initial shiny, day-one impressions. To see if they would hold up to everyday use and against competing products. You can see those initial thoughts here.

My initial purchase was "Confidence" the deep burgundy plum lip cream on the far right and has since grown to include 2 more lip creams (Perspective and Ambition), 2 eyeliners (Calm and Success) and an eyeshadow (Sophisticated). Honestly i am surprised at myself; eyeliner are not my thing at all. I'm dreadful at using them, i make a horrid job of it and everyone one that i have owned in the past has landed in the bin a few months later after being used twice at most.

So let's take a deeper look at this range:


Sophisticated is a beautiful creamy rose taupe with a slight metallic hint in the color. It lasts an incredibly amount of time and comes with a soft doe foot applicator that goes on super smooth with no creasing. I found it easy to use in the morning as it goes on very fast and doesn't take a long time to dry. It blends easily but it gives just the right amount of time before drying.


Perspective is a mauve-pink with a strong hint of rose similar to Sophisticated but with the rose accentuated and no metallic edge. It's a lip cream and is highly pigmented lasting about 3 hours, leaving a light rose lip-stain.  It's very soft and feels great on; very moisturizing. I do wish it lasted longer, however, and for a Lush product it also smells surprisingly cosmetic. The lip creams have the same applicators as the eyeshadow. 


I love this eyeliner! It's a beautiful color and it stays on forever; all day at the very least. Until i got this, i used eyeliner maybe 2-3 times a year - now I'm happy to make the attempt everyday. The applicator seems like it would be hard but the short handle, I've found, gives me greater control than expected. As i already said: the color is just gorgeous.


This silver eyeliner has a lovely color pay-off but the silver metallic shimmer in it means it has nowhere near the same longevity of Calm. It lasts about 6 or so hours but the application is a little harder as well: if you don't go over it a couple of times you will be left with some bald spots - it's not so much a cream as it is a thin glitter. It could do with being a bit thicker but this may just be my bottle as there seems to be a deal of variation among the products.


A very bright coral-toned pink lip cream. The pigmentation is awesome but the actual product formula is annoyingly thin. Once again i know this is probably just my bottle, as others i have tried in store since were much thicker (So check your bottle first!). It has the same cosmetic smell as Perspective which is the one things i honestly dislike about the lip products. Due to the poor formula on my bottle this one smudges and doesn't stay on for more then 2 hours or so but the color is beautiful enough to make up for this. (See swatch at the bottom).


Super rich and super soft without the formula issues plaguing my other bottles of Ambition, it goes on quite dark but still looks plum, not black. It's moisturizing and also leaves a plum-pink stain since it wears off after about 6 hours. This one has less of a cosmetic scent but does smells a little like blueberries. It blends out easily and the pigmentation can be built up if so desired.

Here they are a few minutes after swatching: as you can see there is incredible color pay off and the consistency on most of these is pretty fantastic. On the skin you cannot really tell that Ambition has any problems except for the extra shine which seems to be some of the formula separating a little.

This is the same swatch, 5 hours later: you can see Sophisticated and Calm look untouched, Perspective and Success are holding up quite well while Ambition has gone to smudge central. Confidence is doing mostly okay for a lip product, as the color is still there and it would obviously get less wear on my lips then my hand.

This is the next morning upon rolling out of bed: the eyeshadow Sophisticated and Calm are still almost perfect and you can still see a bit of Perspective and Success lingering, where as both Confidence and Ambition have all but disappeared except for some red patches on my hand.

(sorry about the changing light, the second was taken at night and the last one was taken early morning)

Overall i can't fault the pigmentation, probably the best i have seen, the longevity of the eyeshadow and the eyeliners are wonderful and surprisingly impressive. The formula and smell of the lip creams could probably use a little work so that they are more consistent in their delivery between the range.


These products are multi purpose; the eyeliner can be a eyeshadow or a lip cream. The lip cream can be a very creamy eyeshadow but works very well as a blush.

You can find what works for you and with such high pigmentation of color i don't think you will be disappointed. As for me, I'll be looking into more of the eyeshadows in the near future.

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