Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review Essence The Dawn is Broken


It seemed like a good time to off my all time favorite nail polish, the Dawn is Broken from the Essence Vampire collection that was released early this year in Australia. Sadly at that time I wasn't really into my nailpolishes/makeups/pretties but even back then I remember thinking "wow this company certainly is trend". But I left it and forgot it.

Fast forward to 3 months ago when my new fascination went full blown and Essence became one of my fav brands; mostly due to the innovation and constantly changing trend edition. After a while I hunted down some left over (sadly the blue and purple from the collection continue to evade me) polishes including this one ( along with gold old Buffy, and hunt me if you can) .

Honestly I put this on my nails thinking I would hate it, it looked like concrete on my nails. For hours afterwards I was just going "ummmm I don't know....." but then I realized I was constantly looking at it, the matte dark blue glitter, the faint shimmer, the unique pale was mysteriously magical.

Something about it just speaks to me, but most will either love it or hate it. For me, well I hated it until the moment I fell head over heels for it.


As fort the specs; the formula is pretty solid, smooth but slightly leaning on the thin side. I used two coats but a third is sometimes necessary. Surprisingly it does not have a gritty structure so if you want to, it's fine to skip the top coat. My brush for this bottle was initially terrible, it had two looped hairs that made a mess of the nailpolish but a simple snip fixed that and my second bottle doesn't have this issue. 

Yep this is the only nail polish that I have a second bottle of, makes me glad it didn't get the love it deserved. More for me. 

Btw. The color is it more pale the the photos, the make it golden on the accent nail seems to have tricked my camera into thinking it's more yellow tones rather then the cool toned gray it actually is.
Whatdo you think of the color?

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