Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lust Have it August

Just got my Lust Have it Box in the mail today, from what i can see quite a few pf these products interest me  and i think they did a nice job for their birthday box.

For reference my box is the "Fun and Flirty" box which this month included the following:

Appelles Body Bar Vegetable Soap -  Smells nice, slightly sweet and maybe a little bit like citrus. I like trying new soaps but i doubt anything will budge me from my lush soap addiction. But I'm happy to give this a try and see if it does anything special. Plus it looks quite cute.

Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion - This is nice, but like i mentioned last time around I'm not too sure where lotions fit into the big scheme of things, do you use it instead of moisturizer or in place of a body butter? If so why would i use it place of those things? Is it just for body? hands? face? Not really sure. Again smells nice though.  Maybe I'll go with "hand lotion" and leave it to sit near my computer.

Appelles  Skin Detox Shower Gel - A shower gel with pure essential oils and botanicals according to the little description card, smells that way, sweet and berry scented a little more feminine then  the soap but not much. A bit funny to include a soap and a shower gel; seems redundant but i wont complain. I like shower gels too.

I've not heard of this brand before, so it's interesting to see three products from them, I'll have to see online if the other boxes did as well.

Marc Jacobs: Dot Fragrance - I'm totally thrilled to have this, and will be getting as soon as time/money allows!!!! Have you seen the bottle of this thing? It's super cute and i just want to have it for that alone, but thankfully the smell is totally me; sweet and fruity but with a warm lingering scent with notes of red berries and jasmine. 

Model Co. Eyeliner in Black - Who doesn't already have a black eyeliner? But still this one comes with it's own sharpener in the top which i think is a cool touch but i would be a lil more interested if it was in a color other then black.

Tigi Rockaholic Rock Outshine Blaster - It took me a while to figure out what this is, turns out it goes on your hair to make the shiny happen. The description on the card is a world of confusion and i wasn't 100% sure that it WAS a hair product till the last paragraph where it mentioned preventing split ends, still it's pretty blue and big. Sounds good to me.

tanGo Tanning Glove - The name is misleading, it's not so much a glove as it is a towel and it's not so much for tanning as it it for removing tanning pigment. It feels nice and soft and can double as a make up remover cloth but i won't use it for tanning as i don't use tanning products. I'm happy with my ultra paleness.

Lust Have It also seems to have returned to a box format as there was no makeup bag this time around but a lovely white box with a black  ribbon. Very classic.

A nice selection i think, something for everyone. The only disappointment is the eyeliner but it's not a huge disappoint so I'm okay with it. Looking forward to next month's arrival. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)


  1. I got the same box as you and I was pretty disappointed. Hopefully they lift their game soon!

  2. I guess it can be a bit disappointing at times, but for me it's mostly novelty, stuff I would never buy I get to try and it's always like a little present to brighten the day. But I would not say no to more make up items being included :)