Thursday, 30 August 2012

My (Current) Top Three Lipbalms

Until the past few weeks i was never a lip balm person, i didn't really see the point; not much color pay off and it lasts maybe a minute, give me a lipstick or a stain anytime. Incidentally i have a similar issue with lip gloss but we can tackle that another day.

My transition from a no lip balm person to a person who can name the top three that i want to use has been subtle; in the course of perusing various makeup blogs and videos i learned that it's a good idea to apply it before lipsticks and things to smooth out your lips. (who knew?) so i bought one and wasn't too impressed.

But i did not give up, i continued to search around for something that might suit me, after all lip balms for the most part aren't a huge expense so some experimentations is easily done. It took a few weeks of trail and error (mostly error) until i found one that worked for me, found it by accident to be honest with you.

I bought a double pack of the Maybeline baby lip balms (i find them okay but nothing special, not our Australia version anyway. Can't speak about the other US version that admittedly looks much better) and received as a free bonus a Blistex Banana and Berry Shake limited edition lip balm. Wow. This thing smells absolutely amazing, i just want to start eating it. Plus it's SPF 25 (25!)

#3 Blistex Banana & Berry Shake

I like this one more then others i have tried because
a) the smell (it's quite strong so not for the faint of heart) and b) it does not leave a greasy or waxy feeling 
c) it does not leave a layer of film behind when it dries and lastly
d) it's SPF 25 which is amazing on it's own.

Sadly it seems to have been a limited edition but i will try other Blistex products and see how they compare.

#2 Nivea Pure and Natural Milk and honey

I love milk and honey and when i saw this pop up on a few blogs i knew i had to go and try it; it did not disappoint. It's a heavier balm then the Blistex and much lighter in fragrance but it feels like it gives great for the lips, especially for use at bed time. It's a soft honey flower scent more then actual honey but it;s still quite soft and comforting. It feels very rich and moisturizing, it does leave a slightly waxy feeling behind but it's got a lot of slip and so it doesn't bother me at all.

#1 Korres Lip Butter in Mango

This is probably not a surprise to a lot of people; but this product is crazy good at one thing, not even something i had seen mentioned when i looked at other reviews; this product makes your lips soft. I mean amazingly almost freakishly soft, it doesn't last a huge amount of time on the lips and the color is nice but doesn't last long enough to have a great impact but who cares when it makes your lips so damn soft. I can almost understand the price tag these things get ($16.00 at Myer or KIT Cosmetics). Now to find a cheaper seller of these. It's very light and smells amazing also. The tub is quite cute too.

So that's my current top three; I've recently put an order in to Haus of Gloi for some of their lip balms and have high hopes. I will let you know :)

What's your favorite lip balm?


  1. I love the Korres lip balms - Have a look for them on Strawberry Net. They are usually under skincare and you can get packs of 3 for less than $15!
    My favourite lip balm at the moment is the Blistex one in the tube that I got from Bellabox!

    1. Just put an order in at Strawberry net, free shipping ^^