Monday, 13 August 2012

Unexpected Haul

Allo, this is as the title says an unexpected haul. Wasn't planning on doing it but when destiny decides to place a whole bunch of products in my lap i feel that i should show them off, as they will undoubtedly be the target of some reviews in the following few weeks ad this way if anyone wants to see a particular review first i can focus on that.

The best part of this haul is that i only spent 75c on it (today). So let's take a look see;

First up the item I'm probably most excited about arrived early this morning via post were my
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Honey (since it's clearly already the favorite for a MLBB), Smitten as it's supposedly the most long lasting of the set, and Cherish because it's a shimmery plum and that's what i like. I couldn't wait for the damn things to show up here and knowing they would be two or three times as expensive; hence i ordered them here on ebay from a seller named SurfinJunkie.

When i purchased them they were only $7 each but appear to have have up to $10 now, still better then anything you will find here, and i don't even know when they will be out. Last i heard it was November. But who knows right? Upside is the seller also included the Wet'n'Wild lipstick that you can see there, which was a cool sunrise. It's a bright pink coral shade but doesn't seem to have a name, I'm not too familiar with this range so I'm not sure if that's normal.But awesome seller, I've not come across an ebay seller who does this before.

In addition i got my Priceline Beauty Bucks credit thing last week and after some consideration decided to buy the Dove products they had on special (a 3 for 2 type deal) but as you may or may not have read on my twitter they decided to be ....unprofessional at a certain store and wouldn't let me buy it. I have since complained about that particular store to the company.

So the Dove deal run out yesterday and i couldn't get in before then to get the deal at any other store so i reconsidered my needs and wants and settled on the new Garnier BB oil/combination cream and the Essence eyebrow styling kit.

I picked the bb cream because i have the previous non oily/combo skin version and have repurchased it twice before as i find it does a very good job for me, but i do suffer from combination skin and so i though this one might be a little better for me. So I'm thinking of doing a comparison post on these two. As for the eyebrow styling kit i have never used any eyebrow products so i thought i would see if i liked it.

Lastly i needed some new pink dye for my hair; hence the Hot Pink Manic Panic pot. My previous dye was a vegetable dye that would need recoloring once a week and that was starting to kill me, so this one is a semi-permanent hot pink and apparently it glows under UV lights. Hopefully this will work well, or at least better then my Crazy Colors dye.

So I'll try these over the next week or so and get back to you, if you have a preference for what you might wanna see first feel free to leave a note below. Have a happy week everyone :)


  1. I really want to try the balm stains! I'm on Project 50 Pan at the moment but I'd love to see a review on these!

    1. That will probably my second next post :)