Friday, 17 August 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Comparison

So i picked up the new Garnier Oil Free Miracle Skin Perfector earlier this week and have been using it all week long so i feel fully armed and ready to discuss the differences between the products. 

Let me start by saying that I was one of the people who liked the original, though I also know a lot of people had issues with it. I've re purchased it about three times and for all of last year it was my go to "foundation" as i don't like having anything too heavy on my face (if i can help it) so i usually stick to tinted moisturizers or  (more recently) bb creams for my foundation needs. I use a Burjois foundation for any special occasions.

So let's take a look at what's different; obviously the packaging. The regular version is a shorter but chubbier tube and has 10ml extra of product, while the oil-free version is a long thin tube that's much smoother and technically has less product (though due to consistency differences this isn't a huge issue)

The applicator top has also changed and this makes a lot of sense as the new oil-free versions is much more liquid-like in it's consistency and would go everywhere if it still had the same applicator as it's predecessor.

Though i have seen some of the first round of releases pictures of the new oil-free version which did include the older applicator but it seems this was quickly changed, hence if you got yours early on it might have a different applicator to mine. Also the original has a click top which i liked since it meant i was less likely to loose the lid where as the new one is a screw top. ( I prefer the click top)

As the photo demonstrates the older version was much thicker and closer in consistency to a traditional bb cream where as the new oil-free version is (oddly) the one which is more liquid like, and as you can see, although the colors are the same "light/clear" versions, the oil-free is a tad more yellow in color  but both blend out to match my skin tone just fine.

Because of the liquid consistency you need a relatively tiny amount to cover your whole face where as you need more of the cream from the original one to achieve the same level of cover.

When it comes to actual coverage the new one is closer to medium cover and yet it feels much lighter then the original which (still not incredibly heavy) had more heft to it but showed your skin more and was closer to a light coverage.

Overall as much as i loved the original and still have almost a whole new tube to go through I'm changing over to the oil free version, it stays on for much longer and doesn't oxidize, plus it feels so much smoother on my face almost like a faintly velvet texture. Highly recommended for oily or combination skin as it has a matter finish as well.

If I'm just going out to the shops to grab some food i would probably use the original as I don't need a lot of cover or for it to be long lasting, but for anything other then a jog to the shop i recommend switching to the new oil free version. Also if you hated the first one i highly recommend trying this one. 100% converted for me.

Let me know what you think if you have tried either one? 

Also it's my birthday tomorrow so I don't know if i will manage to get a post up as i usually like to do on a Saturday. If not see you late in the week!