Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review: Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Hello all, in a recent effort to combat getting less sleep I was on the look out for something to give my skin a bit of a boost and was originally eying the Vitamin E serum at the body shop but after a bit of discussion about my skin type with the sales assistant I decided to pick up the seaweed clarifying night treatment instead which is designed for combination/oily skin. I was quite excited about trying it as it smells and feels brilliant.
The product is a very lightweight liquid gel and you only need a small amount to cover your entire face and neck, once applied  you can either rub it in or pat it down (which I found works better). It has a slight cooling effect and you face feels very clean and fresh after application.

It comes in a clear pump which lets you easily control hoe much you use and also the clear strip on the side easily lets you know how much you have left, i'm honestly surprised how much I have gone through so quickly despite using a very small amount. It smells slightly salty, but mostly fresh and a bit like cucumber.

I enjoy applying this product as it makes my face feel so fresh and calm but as for results I have seen no difference, the product is supposed to help mattify your skin and control oil production which as far as I can tell it doesn't do. My face would still get quite shiny after a few hours of makeup, no more or less then before I started using it and it really had no other effects that would make me want to repurchase it. I'm quite disappointed as I really was expecting more from this product. Once I finish it up I think I will try Enzymion from Lush as it seems quite promising in the oil control department.

Any recommendations? What's your favorite night treatment/moisturizer?


  1. This sounds nice, did you happen to notice any improvements with breakouts/blemishes (if you suffer from them)? I was thinking of trying this in the hope that it would help clear up my skin :) X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. My skin tends to clear up the most after I use fresh farmacy from lush, this one didn't seem to steer things one way or the other so it didn't hurt and it fet nice, but it didn't seem to make things better either. If you are looking to help clear up skin from acne or oils then I can't recommend fresh farmacy enough though.