Monday, 21 April 2014

Review: MUA Matte Perfect Primer

Hey all, I picked this up a while ago but I only just got around to using it enough recently  to make a review worthwhile. I tend to have oily/combination skin and anything that promises more matte skin is high on list of things i like in my makeup. This is the MUA Matte Perfect Primer, and it's silicon based so it applies incredibly smoothly and does a decent job of mattifying whatever foundation you put on top it, though it's not spectacular at doing so.

It comes in a small 15ml tube so it won't last a long time, it's a flesh tones, gritty looking but perfectly smooth silicon gel that smells a bit like sunscreen but it's not really noticeable on the skin. I used this all through my first week at work hoping it would so as it promises but I found it  didn't keep up, although it says "oil control" right on the label this little guy really didn't have the chops for it. It's fine for regular days when all you want is a better canvas for your foundation but not for anything more extreme then that. Save your money.

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