Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24hr lipstick

Hey all, hope you have a day off today like I do! Today I wanted to show you the Maybelline Super Stay 24hr lipstick. I picked this up in the hope that it would last me through the work day as my mum was a huge fan of it and it's basically the only lip product she buys, and it was the lipstick she used to wear while she worked at a restaurant. So I had high hopes.

It's a double ended tube containing a creamy lipstick on one side and a balm on the other end, The colors are all fairly neutral and it's relativity easy to find one that works for you, as all of them (except maybe the red?) are very work safe. It applies very creamy and soft, your then supposed to wait for it to set then apply they clear balm on top.

It works really well, as long as you are careful and put in a bit of extra effort, because it sets relatively quickly you want to make sure your application is done well, this isn't one you will be able to use on the bus to work.
In addition you want to remember to apply this balm (not other balms) and perhaps more importantly remember to reapply this balm over the day.

If you forget to reapply it will dry out your lips out something fierce, and it will not look good. However if you can do this it will last at least 12 hours and maybe longer as i usually take it off when i get home so i won't comment. The best part is that unless your eating super greasy food the lipstick will not come of while eating or drinking throughout the day and is very very slow to fade. 

Like i said if your lazy then it will dry out your lips and you will find the color peels of along with your lips which is painful and unattractive but a little effort goes a long way, and if your looking for something to lastthe whole day then this is a great contender. Happy Holidays!

Have you tried a long lasting lipstick? What's your favorite?

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