Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Job Haul

Hey all, sorry for the slow posts recently, new job in combination with a computer glitch that deleted all my blog information meant hat it was a bit more difficult for me to get anything up. The issue is still being fixed and it might take a little while to completely fix it. However I did have a chance to pick up a few (okay more then a few) bits and pieces many of which were driven by me new job and new found makeup needs, so let me share!

I picked up:

Elder Scrolls Online (map edition) - I really enjoyed Skyrim and I'm totally looking forward to playing this on my days off. So far it's been a bit of a difficulty in logging in and dealing with server crashes but I'm still hopeful.

Essence gel-look top coat - On the day I got my first pay check i immediately placed an order for some Illamasqua nail polishes that have been on my mind for ages but for whatever reason suddenly went on special, also with working longer hours with lots of computer clicking I really need my nail polish to last better then it does with no top coat so i figured i would give this one a try.

Essence purple sugar nail polish - I've been seeing this color a lot of blogs and youtube videos but  couldn't recall what the name of the polish was ( Pretty sure it was from Essie) but it's a beautiful color anyway (plus it's color of the year) and it lasts really well, I was able to wear it for three days without chipping and only a tiny bit of tip wear.

Essence all about nude eyeshadow palette - I picked this up because I saw the new collection and got really excited but nothing else really struck me as being too amazing except the blush but I realized that I love my Illamasqua Katie and Hourglass Ethereal glow too much to bother with almost anything else. It's not anything tooo amazing but it's nice enough and has some nice transition tones.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette - This was actually a congratulation on new job present from my amazing boyfriend, and I've been using it everyday since. I love it to death and adore the combination of matte and shimmery shades. It smells amazing and has incredible lasting power. Full review coming soon.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (original) - I discovered in my first week at work that my eyeshadows were doing terribly at lasting through the whole day, and regular bases (maybelline eye tattoo and Illamasqua hollow) were only doing a so-so job of keeping the longevity of my eyeshadows. They did a great job at improving the color but my eyeshadow woulds crease and slip (not attractive). I choose this one since I was so in love with my Chocolate Bar pallet that i though brand to brand would work better together and it's a pretty well thought of primer.

e.l.f blending brush - Since I no longer have as much free time to clean my brushes I decided to add an additional two brushes and though these would make an interesting comparisons to some of my other brushes. 

e.l.f eyeshadow brush - I choose these two as they get the most attention on American blogs despite not being as cheap as they are over there ($1) while here they are ($3) they are still much cheaper then what other brands are offering.

Maybelline Super Stat 24hr Lipstick in Timeless Rose - Another thing i discovered in my first week of work is that my super moisturizing lipsticks were no good at lasting a day of work, and my mum swears by these so I figured it would be a good shot. So far so good though it an be drying if your not careful about using the balm side of it regularly.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in 005 Nude,001 Black, and 004 Taupe - With less time to get ready in the morning and a limited time to get ready in these have been a great time saver and the fact that they are waterproof and super easy to use have been amazing. Really happy with these, wish I had found them before.

Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose - I loved the other two of these i have (macademia and caramel) but this one is by far my favorite, it's scent is much more subtle and seems much more hydrating then the others although that might just be because i'm more prone to use it as I love the smell so much.

Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying night treatment - Needing more sleep now but getting much less of it was threatening to wreck havoc on my skin, I needed something easy to use at the end of the night that wouldn't have any issues with my cleanser. This seems okay so far, i like how light it feels and absiors quickly but i haven't seen any amazing results as yet. 

Illamasqua nail polis in Fragile and Mottle - Ah I have wanted these for a long time, ever since i saw then in Melbourne last year but wasn't quite willing to pay $23/28 when there was so many new things to try. Also if you want to pick up some of these babies, Myer is selling them atm for $5 each!


  1. Would love to see a review in the future of the Body Shop Seaweed clarifying night treatment! I love your haul, it's so good to treat yourself after an achievement. Congratulations on the job! X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  2. Congrats on the new job, what a great haul! I hardly need anymore eyeshadows but the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette keeps tempting me :)

    1. I totally wasn't expecting it, but it's actually really usable :)

  3. Holy smokes! I'm sitting here drooling. What a haul! So many gorgeous products.
    I want to come over and play LOL.
    Congrats on the new job hun xx

    I've tagged you sweety in the Beauty Blogger Tag :) I'd love to read your answers!

  4. ooh I would love to see what those polishes look like on! yea i have found that cream eyeshadows crease without primer. and that they look better with powder on top. and that some primers crease without concealer on top. mega thing of products lol, but it works when you use em

  5. Congrats on your new job!!! What an awesome haul, it looks like a great selection of goodies :)