Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review: Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry & Wicked

Hello all, today we will be looking at the Lime Crime Velvetines which I've been wanting to try since spotting then in Melbourne last year and them being completely sold out. Afterwards I kind if forgot about them until I was recently doing some research on eye primers and hearing some good things about the Lime Crime primer i was reminded of these. In addition i found out a place in Perth actually stocks these, as I wasn't keen on having to wait for an on line order, so I went on down to the store and picked up the original Suede-berry and the brand new released Wicked.

These are matte velvet-feel stains that apply much like a gloss but then dry down matte. They are packaged in these lovely frosty plastic base with a metal and embossed lid which holds the doe foot applicator.When you open them they smell very similar to the NYX butter gloss; a kind if creamy vanilla/custard scent. If your a big fan of matte's then this is a great product for you, they are very long lasting and have amazing color pay off, all the shades are very intense; red velvet (a dark blue based red), suede-berry(a bright red coral), pink velvet (a bright bubble gum pink), wicked (a very dark slightly brown red), salem (a red toned brown), and black velvet (an actual black matte). 

Wicked, Salem and Black Velvet were only released this month, and honestly the black velvet was crazy amazing but I just couldn't think of a single way to wear it.

As you can see these start of as very liquid stains and then dry down to a intense matte finish that actually does feel a bit like velvet when you touch it. I find that they dry quite quickly, probably around 30-45 sec so you do need to be quite confident in your application. You don't need a large amount to cover the entire lip as it's incredibly pigmented, however if you do misplace some product then it's fine to go over the product again as it does not wipe the previous application as can sometimes occur with matte products.

They are not as drying as most matte products, but probably more drying the Revlon matte balm which i reviewed recently, they do however have the common issue of drawing a lot of attention to any problems your lips are suffering; lip scrub and lip balm are a must to prep for using this product but I think you will find the results are worth it. The process I recommend is lip scrub, apply balm maybe 10 minutes before you want to use this product, wipe off the balm and then apply this carefully.

Suede-berry is the color that's been around the longest (along with red velvet) and is probably the most wearable of the Velveteen shades, the formula is a little thinner then Wicked so it will sometimes require a second swipe of product. It's an awesome color and a really fun way to rock a bright lip. This picture was taken while it was still drying down a bit.

Wicked is not quite as scary as it looked on some of the advertisements, but it is quite a bit goth and it does make you look quite vampy. But it is an awesome color and the formula only requires one application to give you complete coverage. This picture was taken after it had dried down completely.

Have you tried these? Would you try a matte black lippy?


  1. Wicked is so gorgeous <3 I need to try these x

    1. Their pretty good, I hope you can find them without much hassle :)

  2. I really want Wicket, and I want the black one as well xx

  3. Did you get these from the Red Stripe clothing place in the city? That's the only place I know of that stocks Lime Crime in Perth. I'm dying to get my hands on the Poisonberry lipstick