Saturday, 3 May 2014

Review: Lush Big Shampoo

Hey all, this week I'm brining to you the famous Big shampoo from Lush. I've never been really satisfied with any shampoo I used except maybe the Body Shop's Banana Shampoo & Conditioner (but that was more a scent thing then actual performance). The problem is my hair is very fine and straight but sheds like crazy, but I also tend to get annoying dandruff every other month or so and the oily quality tends to weigh down my hair, on top of all that it's also colored (black) .

What I wanted (needed) was a clarifying and voluming shampoo and having largely failed in the department store variety, I did some research and as usual my first port of call when I have a skincare or haircare issue I think of Lush and after perusing their collection I picked up Big. A sea salt based shampoo that promises Big hair. 

I've since been using this for a week and a half and gotten my partner to try it too, and I'm very satisfied with it, it will be a clear and obvious repurchase. Depending on how long the tub lasts it might even reach HG status. Here is why; it cleans your hair exceptionally well (as in your hair will squeek, weird!), it get's rid of any build up from hair products including silicones and such from other shampoo that you might use, and it makes my hair fluffy, not huge and frizzy but full and healthy.

I was initially concerned about the sea salt, thinking it might too abrasive, too drying, or the texture would just be too uncomfortable or perhaps it might strip or ruin my hair color. Turns out that non of that was true, yes the texture was weird but not in a way that made it bad to use it just took a little getting used too.

I believe my boyfriend summed it up for us very nicely, here was his description when I asked him about it:

1.At first I was concerned with texture, felt like pointy bits covered in goo
2. Then it felt like shampoo with rocks it in...
3. then after scrubbing it felt like regular shampoo
4. then after washing it out my hair was crazy squeeky clean, which was weird because it's never that clean, and it felt really soft.
5. I also didn't have to wash it again as soon because it stayed clean longer.

My partner washed his hair with this and after one use it bubbled and foamed like crazy, where as for my longer color treated hair it took two washes to get the same effect, which is what to bottle suggests. He also didn't need any conditioner because his hair is short where as my hair was so clean that it stuck together so I required a small amount of conditioner to smooth it out. It's true though that I didn't need to wash my hair as often and it felt like first day clean hair for for an extra day and it didn't seem to get the same build up as quickly. I'm overall very happy with it but it's quite strong so some people will only need to use this one a week or less but personally I think I could be happy using it everyday without issue.

What's your favorite shampoo?

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  1. Sounds interesting. I wanted to try out a bunch of Lush products until I went on their website and saw how political they were. I am not really a fan of companies getting political... I have tried the Sukin shampoo and conditioner though and I don't mind it. My scalp doesn't get that itchy feeling like it used to from other shampoos.