Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review: MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser

Over the past few weeks I've absolutely fallen in love with this product after seeing it at Terry White Chemist and then doing some on line research and seeing how people enjoyed it and how gentle it was. Since suffering from Acne in my teenage years and being quite rough in trying to deal with it I have since learned to focus my efforts on "slower" but much more gentle products. My main step to keeping my skin clear and and smooth is my HG cleanser that i have reviewed before and cannot recommend highly enough is Lush's Fresh Farmacy. Since then i have tried various moisturizers and since FF worked so nicely for me i have kept my search in the realm of natural and "healthy" moisturizers. 

For a long time i used a variety of moisturizers from Nivea and then Sukin but non of them really wowed me, they were fine and worked reasonably well, they didn't cause break outs or anything. I didn't repurchase them because i found the Nivea was quite liquid and didn't absorb quickly while the Sukin worked well but i hated the smell of it. 

I love that all MooGoo (website here)  products are completely transparent and do not use any excessive or "filler" ingredients, if you go to their website and look up any product there is a full description of each ingredient and why it is included in the product.

The reason i love this so much is because it's incredibly soft but not too liquid, it's a slightly thicker cream that begins to approach a almost mousse like consistency, it's quite like and reminds me of  whipped products. Despite being to slight and fluffy it is absorbs very fast with no greasy side effects. Doesn't even need blotting. I use this in the morning as a base for my makeup and in the evening before i go to bed.

It has a faint sort of  warm milk and honey scent that i like, however my boyfriend thinks it smells slightly like play-doh so if your sensitive to scents see if you can smell it first. It makes my skin very soft and supple, it absorbs fast and it doesn't leave any residue. What's more is because it was designed for sensitive skin it does a wonderful job and calming down any redness on your skin, and a small amount goes a long way. 

It can be used anywhere, not just your face and as both myself and my boyfriend discovered it does a wonderful job on calming down razor rash on (his) face or (my) legs and got rid of any pain in the area and as i mentioned earlier reduced the redness.

Another fantastic use is to put a tiny amount on the skin near your brows after plucking/waxing/threading as it does a fantastic effort in calming everything down and stopping in grown hair, i have even used a small amount on my cuticles when they sometimes get a bit angry and painful and it cleared it right up as well as making them nicely hydrated and healthy looking. I've found my HG moisturizer and recommend giving this awesome moisturizer a go! 

What's your favorite moisturizer?

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