Monday, 3 June 2013

Comparison: Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude vs Revlon Photoready in Pinched

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude

I recently purchased both the Illamasqua Cream Blusher (Rude) and a very similar shade from Revlon's Photoready Cream Blusher (Pinched) i thought these would be great to do a comparison post since the colors are so similar and one is obviously much more easily available then the other.  The price difference is not huge, Illamasqua is around $28 (plus shipping in my case) while the Revlon is around $20 but i got mine on sale for $13, so it mostly depends on how available it is for you.

Starting with the Illamasqua, the packaging on it is quite lush, it's on the heavier side which is nice, it's in the classic Illamasqua shaped case. It has no scent but like all cream blushers it has a tendency to catch all sorts of dirt; lint and dust so be careful with it, also because of the kind of products that cream blushers are do not expect the packaging to stay clean for any good length of time. So in that respect, both blushers will get quite dirty.

The Illamasqua is more pigmented then the Revlon but the color itself is very similar, it's a warm peachy color that is very natural on pale skin, and it blends out beautifully. The formula is pigmented and very smooth without any clumping or crumbly bits. It doesn't dry to a powder exactly but is quite a fresh and natural look probably more so then most powders. The cream consistency is great right now that the weather is getting colder however if you have seriously oily skin then probably stick to the powder blushers. It feels very lightweight and personally i don't even feel it on my skin.

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

The Revlon is color wise quite similar though it is more sheer and in that is probably more forgiving then the Illamasqua and is a bit more reliable if your going to layer it for more color. In the pot the texture seems similar but the Illamasqua seems much creamier where as the Revlon is a "smoother" vaguely silicon like consistency, at least that's what it reminds me of. This one also gets quite dirty after a few uses so in that respect there is little difference.

The container is not quite as sturdy as the Illamasqua but it should survive the rigors of your handbag since these are unlikely to open and are actually quite easily to apply, so if you have a light touch you don't even need a mirror. The skrew on top is actually probably more secure but the plastic is thinner so its more likely to crack or get dents and chips in it.

Both cream blushers first apply quite bright but if you have a light touch you can control this, i find your finger do a nicer job of blending this and the heat in your skins helps it move around and disperse better. The illamsqua is more pigmented and creamier so it "sticks" better and the color is more prominent where the Revlon is more "slippery" but has an easier time of being built up.

So in summary; Illamasqua is more pigmented, stays on longer, is creamier and easier to apply and has heartier packaging while the Revlon is smoother, not as pigmented but more build able, the packaging is more secure in a handbag because of its screw rather then click top, however it doesn't last as long.

I love the color and both blushers are wonderful for the current cold weather and both are very good bases for powder blushers if you want a little more bang. Overall i prefer the Illamasqua but for a base for powder blush or for a really neutral look i would choose the Revlon.

Have you tried a cream blusher? Do you prefer it over powder? Post a comment below :)

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