Friday, 7 June 2013

My first FOTD! uh-oh

Hmm i kind of really didn't want to do this, all in all i don't like posting pictures of my face on here as much as i can help it. But i wanted to be a little braver and i was quite happy with how this look came out and I've been trying a few different things over the past few days so why not be a bit brave and share. 

My idea behind this looks was an autumn/winter but still natural kind of feel. 

Hmm not sure what my hair is do up there, weird sort of whirly thing.

Products used:

MooGoo Full Cream Moisturizer (base)
Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation (LF1) spf 10
Korres Concealer (WRC3)
Korres Eyeshadow (White 02) as a brow highlighter
Essence - All about Matt compact setting powder 
Essence brow kit (dark brown shade) to fill in my brows
Illamasqua Cream Blush (Rude)

hmm i just realized i forgot to use bad

Anyhow i think it turned out well, next time i will probably spend a little more time on my brows and blend the eyeshadow more on the right (stage right) eye. In that respect taking these photos is actually quite useful in that i see things i didn;t notice or didn;t pay attention to on my face/mirror. Live and Learn.

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  1. Very pretty! I think it was nearly 2 years before I did my first FOTD post.