Monday, 24 June 2013

Review: Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fiber Brush Set

I recently went on iHerb and spotted these gorgeous looking brushes from Real Techniques, i have shown this brand before and their regular brushes certainly make up the majority of my favorite brushes. These are apparently limited edition and will only be available this year and then poof they are gone. Having said that i have not seen these available in Australia at all. So maybe they will come out here later or Australia will be missing out entirely. 

This particular set includes the following brushes;
* duo-fiber face brush: for lightweight application
* duo-fiber contour brush: for controlled contouring and sculpting
* duo-fiber eye brush: for finishing touches to the eye

Duo-fiber brushes are best for light application, so if you have a tendency to go a bit heavy handed with your applications these (or other duo fiber brushes)  might be the way to go. Duo-fiber means that these brushes have two different types of brush fibers, in this case both are synthetic but different from one another. This makes them great for applying something like blush or highlighter where it might be easy to go overboard. They can also be used for cream or powder products.

They feel very soft, i was initially a bit concerned about that but i need not have worried. If you have other types of RT brushes these are just as soft if not maybe more so. They also do not shed and wash very easily.

The only real downside of these is that unlike the regular RT brushes, these cannot stand on their bottoms which is a bit of a downer but i love their clean white look and soft texture.

If you can't find it (and i haven't been able to you can find it here) They are $20.00 but yo can get some off that price if you use a discount code. (Like mine KRN216)


  1. Those make-up brushes look really good, i am yet to try the real technique brushes. Hey, you are nominated for a Liebster award on my blog btw :)

    1. Thanks, these are a bit more prickly then the regular set so if you want to try them maybe start with the original brushes :)