Saturday, 22 June 2013

June 2013 Lust Have It

Hey, busy with new job at the moment, plus I've been sorting out a few potential health issues, luckily it turned out to be nothing major (vitamin d and iron deficiency ha ha). I have not show a LHI box in a while, mostly because mum and i share our subscription and i don't like showing only partial boxes. So let's just right ahead and see what was in this month's box:

The theme of the box was supposedly "Great Gatsby" or classic type skincare/makeup. I don't really see this in the box except for maybe the classic red lipstick and nail stickers.

So the items in this box were:

Savi Organic Smoothing Cream  (sample)
Bastise Dry Shampoo in Cherry  (sample)
Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in Coconut (sample) (The card reads Ocean Mist but I received Coconut)
OPI Pure Laquer Nail Apps (full size)
Klara Black Eyeliner pencil (full size)
Real Purity Regal Red Lipstick (sample)
Disposable Lip Brush from Crown Brush. (threw this away immediately)

I've seen some people get quite mad about this box, but i have never really had any issues with my LHI boxes, i'm just happy to be receiving some new stuff to try, and i have never really gotten anything i hate or outright would not use, plus as i mentioned i share my box with mum so if there is something she doesn't like i can usually get use out of it or vice versa. I;m always happy to get another eyeliner plus this is a brand i have never tried, the shampoo is awesome as cherry is my favorite fruit/smell/flavor and my tropical scented version just ran out. I left the two creams with mum this time around as i still have a one of the pure fiji samples and I'm really loving my  MooGoo  moisturizer so i don't want to interrupt my use of it with the smoothing cream although it smelt very nice.

I'm happy with this box and will continue to get it.

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