Sunday, 7 July 2013

Review: Face Shop Jelly Apple Peeling

Hey guys, sorry for the slow posts. I got a new job two weeks ago and have been trying to get into the swing of things since then, plus being actually at work and then tired after work left little time for blogging. Still here we are today with my new ex foliating cleanser. This is the follow up to after i finished my  Peeling Day in Honey Black Sugar  which actually worked really well but i was worried about it being too rough and the kind of damage it might be doing to my skin. Not to mentioned that this peeling cleanser was really what i had in mind when i first bought the previous product, i was tricked you see by the fact that both use the word "peeling" where in reality the first was a regular rough sugar scrub while this none is a gel like cleanser that actually causes peeling of dead skin.

These sorts of "asian" cleanser seem to have been gaining in momentum recently and i was curious to try it as i don't particularly enjoy foam cleansers and i worry about "scrub" cleansers (on my face). This one as i mentioned goes on as a gel and doesn't really foam or bubble in any way, kind of just spreads out and as you move it around begins to ball up along with (presumably) dead yucky skin. It smells very fresh, sort of like an apple puree or juice, it's quite pleasant.

Overall i quite like it, I'm not 100% sold on the concept but yes my skin is smoother and makeup goes on quite nicely the next day. I'm just not sure it's as effective as certain cream exfoliators, I'm still intrigued by it though and would be interested in trying a similar exfoliator maybe from a different brand. 

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