Monday, 25 March 2013

Review: For Audrey by China Glaze

Hey today i thought i would share one of my favorite China Glaze polishes with you "For Audrey" famously modeled after the Tiffany's jewelery box color. I decided to wear this recently after i finished the season 3 finally of Haven and it seemed appropriate. (The main character is called Audrey). It's a creamy, opaque cream that i would probably describe as Teal and is one of my favorite colors.

I prefer OPI brushes but China Glaze one's are serviceable, the formula leans slightly thick but not anything problematic. It's opaque in a single coat but you probably want another to make the color really pop. Oddly the bottle was a little disappointing when i first got it as it looks a little muted but once on the nail it really shines. Highly recommended.

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