Saturday, 23 March 2013

Review: Nivea Lip Butters (Carmel Cream & Vanilla and Macadamia)

Recently released in Australia (15/3) are the Nivea Lip Butters in Original (unscented), Caramel Cream and Vanilla and Macadamia, for whatever reason we are missing the very popular 4th scent which is Raspberry Rose. These have been out for a while now in the US and UK (as usual) but now that they are finally here i couldn't wait for them. I picked up the two scented ones because unscented is boring to me.

Honestly I'm not the biggest lip balm fanatic, for the most part i don't bother or i forget; but it's hard to forget when it smells so damn good. I want to eat this, or...i want there to be food that smells this delicious. I'm not sure exactly..i just know i want more of it and for "it" to be edible somehow.

These cool new lip butters come in completely cute and totally unhygienic matte metal tins, it doesn't really bother me but i know some people hate tin and really prefer them in sticks; i guess if it bugs you use a lip brush or something because you don't want to miss these!

They little tins can initially be a little hard to open but you get the hang of it quickly, the first i almost gouged a chunk out of the Caramel Cream, so be careful the first few times. They are quite slick and not very heavy, perfectly smooth with no grit and slide easily onto your lips and aren't sticky at all.

I don't have particularly dry lips so for me these are amazing, i guess maybe they might not have enough umph for someone with commonly dry or chapped list but your regular users will find this a dream. It also makes a pretty killer overnight treatment if you apply it a little thicker; i woke up with the smoothest lips i;ve ever had and it made lipstick a breeze.

They smell, oh my god, i could just talk about it all day long; the caramel is a light creamy scent that almost reminds me a little of cream honey while the Macadamia is slightly nutty with just a hint of vanilla bean rather then the common synthetic vanilla essence so common to cosmetics. Love it!

I love these cute little tins of deliciousness and sincerely hope that they release Raspberry Rose here too!

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