Friday, 15 March 2013

Essence Circus Circus Edition Preview

Available now in Priceline (in Australia) is the Essence Circus Circus Edition from Essence, and it's definitely got some interesting stuff in there. It's probably the coolest, in my opinion, since the Breaking Dawn edition, Color Arts and Blossom just didn't excite me very much. But this i really like, especially the colors on the branding; super cool. Plus, since I've been following the brand this is the first perfume i have seen from them, so very interested in that. Let's take a closer look below; beware, this one will go fast.

The eye-shadows are probably the part of this set I'm most interested in, because i was so in love with their eye suffles fro mthe Ballerina collection, though their regular line of cream eye-shadows really does nothing for me. The lids are like the regular line but have a cute Circus emblem embedded in the lid. The shades are 01 It’s Magic (gold), 02 Raise the Curtain (bronze/champaign) and 03 My Sparkling Acrobat (the graphite/gray).

Ah the perfume! It's so cute i almost don't even care what it smells like! From the official descriptions it's 50ml and is quite sweet and sugary. I'm okay with that. For only $10 this seems like a cool purchase and i will very much consider it if i like the scent. Other editions also included the $7 small spray bottle but it seems to be missing in our Australian promos. As is the glittery purse;

However all the nail polishes are here; 01 My Sparkling Acrobat (see top picture), 02 Don’t Feed the Tiger (gold and black and gold glitter), 03 Applause Applause (red) and 04 Cotton Candy (pink). These look really nice but honestly i feel like i could make these combinations myself from my personal polish stash. I love the look though.

Or if nail polish is not your thing, perhaps the nail fashion stickers are more up your ally; the patterns are 01 Come in, One and all (left) and 02 Big Top (right). I like the names :)

There is also the two liquid eyeliners in 01 its magic(gold) and 02 my sparkling acrobat (graphite) as well as a highlighting powder similar to the one we saw in the breaking dawn collection available in 01 its magic. It seems to be mostly a brighting/highlighting type powder.

EDIT: The two eyeliners also seem to be missing from the Australian edition. Sad face

And last are the pearly gold lip topper, basically a gloss in 01 It's Magic, and two lip glosses in 01 applause (the red) , applause and 02 my glammy acrobat (the pink). So what are you looking forward to the most?


  1. I picked up some goodies from this collection from Priceline on Friday :) I did see the two eyeliners but I didn't get them because I wasn't sure if they were opaque (having seen swatches online now, I wish I did!). I picked up both Lip Lacquers, the Highlighting Powder, the pink nail polish, the taupe Longlasting Eyeshadow and the Lip Topper.

  2. Ohh i have such trouble with eyeliners, i do have the glittery one from the vampire collection and it's beautiful but sort of a nightmare too...