Friday, 1 March 2013

House of Gloi Soaps Review

A few months ago, my boyfriend and i both fell head over heels for the House of Gloi soaps, and Ive been carefully waiting for them to come back into stock so we could see if it was accidental awesomeness or had we actually struck gold?

In the past I've been quite vocal about the awesomeness of their scrubs, pumpkin butters, and so on. I was following a trend here really, i had never seen a review for one of their soaps. It takes me a long time to go through scrubs or butters (I've yet to finish a single Body Shop butter) as things like that are not part of my usual routine. But soap is, indeed since discovering Lush about two years ago now my boyfriend and i have become soap snobs, we always have some Lush soap on hand. Why not? It smells amazing (i like Honey i washed the kids and Godfairy) and they work very well, though seem don't scrub up the best because they don't use Palm oil.

So I ended up trying one of their soaps, in the scent Satyr (which you may remember is also the same scent i tried their bubbling scrub in) which is vanilla and blood orange, and it was amazing, literally all you could ask for in a soap - soft, bubbling, sweet scented, lasting but not overwhelming scent, cleaning!

This is unlike other soaps i have ever tried, when using it, it almost seems to leave a very thin almost oily/creamy substance on your skin when you was it which seem to moisturize your skin like crazy. At first i was a little weirded out by this but when i woke up the next morning with super soft skin i was a convert.

This time around i ordered two of the Satyr and Litchi Milk Tea, which seems to be also be very good, the little black circles you see poking out from under the label add a little roughness to wash, like a mini exfoliator. I will keep trying others, as they seem fabulous, but i officially name Satyr the most awesome number 1 soap in existence. A must have. 

Oh, I also ordered one of their Valantines perfumes in "Who Needs Love" and it smells like chocolate and raspberries, it's quite a heavy scent but very lovely and makes you smell like a candy bar. Recommended

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