Saturday, 9 March 2013

Review: Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Shower Gel

If you are familiar with the "I washed the Kids" Honey soap from Lush then this product will be no stranger; this is the exact same soap you know and love but in a handy gel form. Now, if you haven't tried the soap/gel then you have probably been living under a rock, as besides maybe godmother/snow fairy it's their most popular soap and has been one of mine since i first set foot in the store.

I'm quite excited about the release of this gel version as i sometimes find their soaps don't bubble as well as i would like, the unfortunate side effect of the eco-friendly step of removing the palm oil from the process. 

For a shower gel this one is slightly on the thicker side but nothing to a level that's truly bothersome, it has a lovely yet sedate honey smell, it's not anywhere near being overly sweet, almost a flowery honey scent is probably the best description i can give you.

On another note it can be used both as a shower gel and shampoo, which i normally don't do but figured for reviewing purposes i would give it a shot; and it was surprisingly awesome. Well maybe not so surprising, honey is awesome for pretty much every part of you so it shouldn't be too strange that my hair loved it. My hair is currently dyed black and it didn't strip any color and seemed to actually give back a lot of moisture.

If you haven't tried this delectable scent yet, in soap or gel form, now is a good time to try it!

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