Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer

Hey all, today we are taking a look at the newest perfume release from Katy Perry called "Oh So Sheer", it's a limited edition variant of Killer Queen (which I do not own). Oh So Sheer is described as a blend of wild berries (including mulberryelderberry and blackberry), and dark plum. Meanwhile it's middlet notes are composed of velvet red flower, lilacfreesia and rainbow plumeria, and its base notes are cashmeran, liquid praline and patchouli. It's a pretty sweet and light scent that then builds into a more subtle and earthy scent.

It comes in a purple box which incorporates the "royal" theme with an ermine pattern and a crown motif, the bottle itself id very similar to Killer Queen a diamond shaped bottle lavender tinted bottle with a golden top that resembles a scepter.It's a gorgeous design and i'm a big fan of it. It's quite ornamental and will brighten up any makeup table or shelf. It might frustrate some that the bottle doesn't stand up like a traditional bottle and i think this is a feature you will either love or hate as it makes it unique and doesn't hurt the perfume inside in any way.

I like the scent specifically the almost ethereal or celestial quality of it with it's mix of sweetness, freshness and earthiness. The only downside is it only last 3-4 hours at most though it goes on quite strong, I would be very happy if this lasted much longer. It's quite lovely though and a great scent for spring and winter as it's freshness can be a little icy and reminds me of icy poles. More of a daytime scent then a evening scent though.

What's your fav "celebrity" perfume?

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