Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Browsing the isles at Priceline (as you do) I came across a stand displaying the new Stay Matte Primer from Rimmel, as I didn't currently have a primer after recently finishing up the MUA Matte Primer this one seemed like a good one to try. The product was advertised as "Ultra lightweight formula that minimizes pore appearance.  Controls shine for up to 8 hours.  Won't feel heavy or greasy".

This sounded promising, also since Rimmel has a big focus on matte products I figured they would probably know their stuff when it comes to mattifying skin. My first impressions however were not too favorable, it's a thick lotion like consistency and when applied it felt a bit sticky and quite heavy/thick. The squeeze tube packaging is quite nice though and makes it easy and clean to get the amount of product you want.

The mattifying aspect of it worked for only a few hours and by lunch time the effect was wholly worn off, it did keep my foundation on so in that respect it worked fine, but I honestly prefer a more matte look  and this certainly did not live up to that claim.

As you can see from these photos it is incredibly thick and if you do pick it up I recommend using as little of it as you can otherwise you will feel like there is a thick waxy layer between your skin and makeup which to me felt very uncomfortable. I will use this product up but will not be repurchasing. If you have a suggestion for a better primer below please leave a comment!

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