Monday, 17 March 2014

Review: Models Prefer Essential Brow Kit

I feel like brow care is really come into the fore front of makeup in the past year or two as before I never saw things like brow specific products except for in quirky or high end brands but these days full and well groomed brows are all the rage and this product can do quite a bit to help in the area. 

After I finished my Models Prefer brow pencil  and went to pick up a new one but they were sold out so I decided to try  a new brow product from them, the Essential Brow  Kit. The shade I bought (light to medium) suits my hair and skin color perfectly and my brows stay put and shaped throughout most of the day. The best thing about this kit is that it includes everything - a powder, a tinted brow gel/wax, a set teeny tiny tweezers and a angled small angled brush and a mirror so if you feel like it you can use it on the go.

This kit does take more effort then my brow pencil but I think the overall effect is a bit more polished and professional, I like using the wax as it's a perfect color match and then using the powder to just fill any gaps and take the shine out of the wax, surprisingly the colors are actually quite dark considering this is the light to medium kit.

I usually hate included brushes but this one actually works quite well as it's quite stiff but angled so it does a god job of mimicking the look of eyebrow hairs. However if you loose it any angled brush will do the job just as well. The tweezers are handy but I don't really use them as this is in my at home make up kit and doesn't travel so I tend to use my regular tweezers unless I'm in a big hurry.

Overall I would repurchase this, probably along with a regular brow pencil because some days you just can't be bothered with a whole set up like this and brow pencils do a pretty damn good job. This however is nice if your looking to spend a bit more time and get a really perfect brown look going.

Powder on the left, wax on the right

Here you can see the difference; the left brown is done up using the kit while the right is left untouched.

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