Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: Hourglass Ethereal Glow Blush

After all the buzz about these Hourglass recently I decided to treat myself to one of their new hybrid highlighter/ blushes, I wanted one that was similar in coloring to my favorite blush of all time (Illamasqua's Katie) so I picked their most pale pink which is Ethereal Glow. These blushes are also mixed about 40/60 with Hourglass's previous white whale the ambient powders, in this case Ethereal Light.

This color is very picky about who it's going to look good on as it is super pale, and I mean probably the palest pink blush I have ever seen so if your not super pale or super dark yourself you will have a lot of trouble even making this color show up, so keep that in mind if you go looking for this.

Unlike a "traditional" lush the idea is that these are much more dimensional using Photoluminescent tech to get a more vivid and deeper experience. The powder itself is very light and you certainly don't feel any heaviness when it is applied. I'm quite impressed with the what Hourglass calls the "moonlight glow" effect provided by this particular blush which i feel is a very apt description as it really shines but without a "my face is glitter" effect.

I'm a big fan of this blush but I wish it smelled a little nicer, I'm used to my Katie blush being a wholesome sweet experience that putting this on instead makes me miss that scent and it's almost a little disappointing because of that. These are lovely blushes but I think you can probably live without them unless you really like your highlighters too, it's a great treat if your looking for a special blush for those special occasions though.

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